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Lynn University student, Giuliana Carrozza writes book on personal branding

Lynn University student Giuliana Carrozza’s first book, Brand You talks about how to give yourself a personal brand and will be published on Amazon this Friday.

Originally from Brazil, Carrozza is a junior at Lynn University majoring in marketing with double minors in fashion & retail and international business. Carrozza moved to Boston for her final year in high school and relocated to Boca Raton for college.

Carrozza always had a passion for writing and kept journals with personal experiences to use at a later date. Last year, Carrozza utilized her writing skills as an intern for the online collegiate magazine, Her Campus.

“I always knew that I eventually wanted to write my own book,” said Carrozza. “But I had no idea who would want to read it.”

Carrozza’s writing process for Brand You began in Apr. 2020. A professor read Carrozza’s Her Campus articles online and connected with Carrozza on Linkedin. The professor saw Carrozza’s background in marketing and both concluded that there was not enough information on how to personally brand yourself.

“I did a lot of research and realized that no book covered personal branding and what goes into creating your own brand,” said Carrozza.

During the first six months, Carrozza signed with a publishing agency and began writing. The latter half of the year was spent creating manuscripts and editing them. Carrozza’s final book, Brand You, is set to be published this Friday.

“My favorite part about the writing process was realizing that I was engaging in something that I didn’t realize I was good at,” said Carrozza. “By writing my book, I realized that I was on the right path by choosing a career in marketing.”

Writing Brand You taught Carrozza time management skills and how to manage stress. Carrozza also learned how to balance her schoolwork while writing her book and interning for Her Campus.

“Sometimes, my editor would contact me on Sunday night and I would have a draft due the next morning,” said Carrozza. “I learned how to operate and work around short deadlines.”

Brand You offers a different perspective on personal branding. The book is divided into three sections: researching personal branding, the interior side of marketing and the exterior of marketing.

“With this book, I wanted to look at the purpose of a company and apply it to people in order to form a personal relationship with that company,” said Carrozza.

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Brand You is set to be published this Friday on Amazon, eBook site Kobo and Ingram. For more information about Brand You and Giuliana Carrozza, visit and follow @brandyouby on Instagram.

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