Dreamers meet your new fairy godmother: dreamOway

Dreams are a thing that everyone can relate to. Some dreams fade with age, some are hidden away for a time. But some grow and become careers. Today, more than ever, people have the dream to be famous, influence others or have a spotlight. This is especially true with younger generations surrounded by social media.

That’s where dreamOway comes in. DreamOway can help many young people to achieve those dreams of being a star with the help of experienced mentors. DreamOway was created by Justine Sinclair as a way to help young people achieve their dreams. 

With categories for fashion, beauty, acting, social good, and more, Sinclair gives others more opportunities to chase their dreams with her app.

“A lot of talents win the contest and after that, they don’t have a story. I want to make a story. I want to make sure their dream can be a reality and all the mentors can lead them on the right path to their dream come true,” says Sinclair. That was one of the reasons that she started dreamOway.

 DreamOway was created by Sinclair as a way to help her daughter chase her dreams. Sinclair wanted to positively influence her child and connect as her daughter does. She found that the best way to do this and combat bullying was through social media. She envisioned a dreamOway app to do just that while giving people the tools they needed to succeed.

“The trouble is our society teaches us to bully each other and I see the beginning of this happening in our homes, that’s why I changed this app. Social media is getting out of control and I want to change it positively. As a mother, I want to help my daughter,” says Sinclair. 

Justine Sinclair, CEO of dreamOway

It wasn’t easy to accomplish, however. Sinclair stated in an interview that she has faced discrimination when creating dreamOway.

“In these last couple of years, people really discriminate against women, Asian women, and single working moms,” says Sinclair. “It was very challenging, half the people are amazing people and half the people are all bullying.”

The creator of dreamOway said that she was raised with the idea of success. Her mother constantly told her to study hard and do good. Sinclair did just that, but not without her own set of trials. Being an Asian woman and a single mother made things difficult for Sinclair. But she persisted and created her platform.

Sinclair wants to educate people on being nice to others. She wants to empower young people, especially against bullying and discrimination. When talking about the subject, Sinclair says that many people believe the stereotypes about Asians. She states that many believe that Asian women are either smart or only work in massage parlors, but that isn’t always true. She also emphasizes the importance of women in positions of power. 

“Women have a lot of opportunities to change the world and make it a better place. I wish this world can be changed to be equal to women and give more opportunities to women,” says Sinclair. 

The dreamOway CEO hopes to achieve this through her app. Sinclair had the dream of being the owner of her own company. Now that she is one, she wants to help other people reach their dreams. Sinclair says that dreamOway has many mentors to guide students on how to achieve their dream. Users display their talent on the app and compete for a place on dreamOway’s television talent show. After the contest, users still have the support of mentors to guide them to a career. 

The dreamOway creator hopes that this method will make everyone feel included and supported. 

Justine Sinclair with members of her dream team

“Hopefully my dreamOway app can show people that their dream is possible and they can dream whatever they want,” says Sinclair.“Any age, any race, any gender, any background, if you have a dream anything is possible because we have a lot of dream team mentors that can love and support you.”

DreamOway has the spirit of hope and the best intentions of dreamers. It’s an app that gives people new opportunities to learn and grow. With Justine Sinclair and her experienced mentors, anyone can be a dreamer and anyone can get a chance to chase their dreams. 

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