Published On: Fri, Apr 16th, 2021

Boca’s Boating & Beach Bash is Back with a New Name

Formerly The Boating & Beach Bash, “Beep Beep Bash” is set to take place on May 1 at Countess de Hoernle Park in the Spanish River Atlantic Complex.

The event begins at 9 a.m. showcasing street performers, surprises, and a plethora of entertainment options and is free for all attendees.

“It’s a very joyful experience and it really touches your heart,” said Deanna Pardo, an excited attendee, and planning committee member of this event to The Sun Sentinel. “It’s just awesome and especially after such a tough year for everyone.”

Typically, there are boats at this event, but that is not in the works for this year, hence the name change.

“We are looking to have the same type of energy and the same celebratory feel that we have had with the previous 12 bashes,” American Disabilities Foundation Managing Director Liz Schmidt said to The Sun Sentinel. “We want to show our disabled community that we are still here for them and that we love them are care for them.”

This year’s Beep Beep Bash will follow CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of all participants and there is an expected range of 300-500 guests.

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