Published On: Fri, Apr 16th, 2021

Boca Beaches Recycle Half a Ton of Recyclables with 4ocean

Earlier this week, during the Boca Raton City Council meeting, Council Member Monica Mayotte gave an update on the pilot program for recycling on the beaches.

Last fall, Mayotte started a pilot program to improve recycling efforts on the beaches of Boca Raton. The City Council staff collaborated with the local for-profit organization, 4ocean to provide recycling bins on the beaches.

“The 4ocean bins were added to our selection of garbage pails on our beaches,” said Mayotte. “The pails were added to Silver Palm Park, South Beach Pavilion, Red Reef Park and Spanish River Park.”

Council Member Monica Mayotte showing the 4ocean recycling bin.

The 4ocean bins were picked up on a weekly basis and were taken back to their facility to sort the materials. 4ocean then reported back to the City Council and stated how many materials and what kinds were in the bins. Mayotte gave a three month report from Dec. of 2020 to Feb. of this year.

“In those three months, we collected over a half a ton of recyclable materials,” said Mayotte. “We had a recycling rate of over 80 percent.”

While most of the material in the bins were recyclable, some material collected was not. The most common material that was not recyclable were wrappers, plastic bags and number six solo cups.

Mayotte then presented a twin-the-bin product that would best show beach-goers how to properly separate their trash from recyclable items. 

Council Member Monica Mayotte showing an example of bins at the beach

“I am hoping that we can make this better by being specific about what we want to see in our recyclables,” said Mayotte.

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