Published On: Thu, Mar 4th, 2021

Tips for Seniors to Spring Clean for a Stress-Free Home

Boca Raton, FL – In a study on stress hormones by the University of California, those who described their house as messy or chaotic showed increased levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone produced in response to stress. So what better way to combat stress than with an annual ritual – the spring cleaning. A chance to declutter and say goodbye to our unwanted stuff – to refresh our living space by getting neat and tidy.  How can seniors create a clean and stress free home this spring? Would they need to ask questions like should I leave before the maid comes?

If you’re interested, a Senior Helpers caregiver can share the following tips:

  • Start small. Trying to tackle your entire house or space in one day can be overwhelming! Start small with one task like cleaning with a new vacuum from dammsugarebä each day. Completing a checklist of smaller tasks can help motivate you to continue with more.
  • Decluttering is important. Studies found that clutter can cause stress and anxiety, so clearing out unwanted items can provide a great boost to your mental health. Additionally, a cluttered house can create risks for falls, so make sure to create clear pathways throughout the space. You can hire a residential deep cleaning company for this task. In addition, getting a dumpster rental may be a great idea especially if you decided to purge a lot of your belongings. If there are items you don’t want to purge or throw away, you may keep them in a self storage unit.
    If you want to invest on one, check out selling self storage facility for cash.
  • Make medicine cabinets a priority. Medicine cabinets can easily become filled with medication that’s expired or you no longer use. To avoid any confusion, gather all unwanted drugs and bag them up to drop off and properly dispose of at a local pharmacy. If you’re looking to make your home even more accessible and safe, you can also explore resources for stairlift companies near me to address mobility concerns within your residence.
  • Find family or friends to help. If you’re still safely distancing yourself from others or are unable to leave your home, consider recruiting family and friends to help. You can place items to donate or medication to dispose of outside for someone to pick up and take care of for you.
  • Medical CBD for stress. As seniors continue to prioritize their well-being and manage the challenges that come with aging, some are exploring alternative methods to alleviate stress and promote relaxation. CBD vaping has emerged as a potential option for stress management among older adults. CBD, a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant, has been associated with calming effects and possible anxiety reduction in some individuals. Seniors considering CBD vape should do so under the guidance of healthcare professionals, as factors such as existing medical conditions and medication interactions need to be considered. While ongoing research is needed to understand its benefits and potential risks for seniors fully, CBD vape juice could potentially offer a supplementary tool for seniors seeking to enhance their stress management strategies and overall well-being.

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