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Should organic CBD be part of a healthy wellness routine?

You may know that CBD is described as cannabis without THC, and it’s a good definition, only that it’s not entirely accurate. CBD is a cannabinoid compound naturally found in marijuana and currently comes in numerous forms (oil, tinctures, creams, lotions, foods). It’s obvious that in the given context, CBD, with its numerous derivates, will stay popular for a long time. CBD is already integrated into many regular products, from skincare to fast food, and the Brightfield Group expects the market to reach $24 billion by 2023. The 2014 Farm Bill made it possible to grow and sell hemp legally in over 48 states. The Food and Drug Administration approves cannabis-based medication when the doctor prescribes it for a set of conditions, and patients can purchase the products from pharmacies if they have a prescription. 

A 2017 study proved that CBD could reduce pain and inflammation and has positive neurological effects. The researchers from the Harvard Medical School also say that the studies they conducted on humans showed that CBD-based treatment could improve epilepsy and seizures. 

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What is CBD good for?

CBD directly impacts the body’s endocannabinoid system. Its main job is to help you adapt to outside factors and maintain homeostasis. Some experts also think the endocannabinoid system has an important role in regulating certain physiological processes (mood, sleep, memory, blood pressure, pain perception, and immune function). CBD products can be used as supplements if you incorporate them into your daily routine because they’re versatile and can work as alternatives for many medicines. If you’re looking for CBD edibles, you may click this link here now.

CBD can improve sleep – The US Institute of Health states that around 70 million Americans experience chronic, treatable sleep conditions, and insomnia affects over 30 million individuals. It’s an understatement to say you’re using CBD for beauty rest; you’re using it to help you fall asleep faster and have a better sleep quality. 

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties – from exercise-induced inflammation to health-issues-related inflammation; studies show that CBD can work as an anti-inflammatory agent. Gym training is good, but it also comes with some setbacks (muscle soreness, pain, and swelling). Instead of using pain killers, you can try CBD oil or tinctures. 

CBD can reduce stress – 31% of Americans experience anxiety and stress at a certain point, leading to other health problems like headaches, GI problems, and heart disease. Using CBD regularly can treat anxiety and stress and improve your mental health. If you suffer from social anxiety, you can use Organic CBD Nugs to alleviate the symptoms.           

CBD can improve skin health – the beauty industry has shown great interest in CBD because it can bring your skincare routine to a higher level. How? Inflammation is one of the factors that trigger acne, rosacea, and other skin issues. Because CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can reduce acne, soreness, swelling, and puffiness. Studies show that it can also reduce redness and oil production. 

How can you incorporate CBD into your daily routine?

After reading how it can improve your well-being, you may want to make CBD part of your everyday routine. The good news is that you can easily find CBD products on the market. From flavored carts to protein powder you can mix with your gym shake; there’s definitely one product you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Here are some recommendations on how to weave it into your life. 

During shower – you can find CBD-infused bath products you can use instead of your traditional body soap, shampoo or conditioner. 

Skincare – your skin is the largest organ, and you should care for it properly to maintain it healthy and strong. Because of its size, it also makes it easier to absorb CBD into your system because you can apply face moisturizers, body lotions, and topical serums. 

Wellness products – you can take a step further and replace the coffee, tea, and protein powder you use now with CBD infused ones. 

Hydration – water is essential for a healthy diet, and it should be the first thing you run for in the morning, before and after meals, and every time you engage in psychical activities. Add a few drops of CBD oil to your glass of water and drink it up. 

Body fuel – if you’re heading to the gym early in the morning, you need a post-workout smoothie or shake to restore your energy levels. Add some hemp seeds to the mix, or use hemp protein to enrich your shakes. 

A daily routine that includes CBD products

You can use the above tips to make CBD part of your life, or you can inspire from the following routine and adapt it to your own needs. 

When you wake up – add a few drops of CBD oil to the first glass of water you drink in the morning.

At the gym – if you head to the gym before going to the office, you can sprinkle some CBD protein in your workout shake. Fueling your body with CBD while you exercise can reduce the post-workout side effects. 

Post-gym – before leaving the gym, shower to scrub away the perspiration and dirt. Use a CBD infused soap to clean your skin because it prevents inflammation and promotes relaxation.

Moisture – after you have a shower use a rich moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Use a CBD lotion instead of your usual one. 

All day – you should always have a CBD lip balm at hand to prevent chapped lips. Your lips can often crack and bleed during cold and windy days, but if you apply a CBD lip balm, you keep them moisturized and protect them from outside factors. 

When you arrive home – remove makeup, clean your face and apply CBD face serums and eye balms to get your skin ready for the night. You may also use cannabis products when relaxing at home and watching a movie. In case you’re wondering which are the best movies to watch high, you may click on the link.

Before bed – to wind down in the evening and fall asleep easier, you can have a cup of tea and add a few drops of CBD oil to it. 

CBD is definitely one thing to keep your eyes on in 2021. There’s a wealth of products you can choose from and integrate into your daily wellness regimen, so determine what your needs are. 

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