Palm Beach County police officers warn against scam calls

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office is issuing public statements warning people from misleading phone calls. As reported by The Sun-Sentinel, Palm Beach police say that people have been receiving scam calls from people claiming to be the police. These scammers explain there is a warrant for that person’s arrest and that if a payment is made, then the problem will be resolved. However, police urge people to ignore these calls.

 The police inform that have received several reports of this nature. In an attempt to prevent the spread of these scams, the police are trying to inform the public. Police warn people that no payment should be made to resolve a police matter and that the police do not call citizens. These scammers pretend to be a member of law enforcement in an attempt to mislead people. The police also inform people that the police department does not give out gift cards or other forms of payment in any circumstance.

“So the person receiving the call believes it is credible when in fact it is not,” says Sergeant David Lefont. “Though the scammers may sound legitimate, never send money to anyone claiming to be law enforcement. Anyone receiving these calls can report them to the Federal Trade Commission at,”

The police are informing the public through their Facebook page to ignore these calls. The police want to remind people that the police do not send money to people or divulger personal information. If anyone receives a phone call of that nature, they should disregard it and report to the Federal Trade Commission. 

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