Published On: Tue, Mar 30th, 2021

Local tech school offers scholarships to five Boca Raton students

A Boca Raton tech company will be assisting five students to promote diversity in the tech industry. As reported by WPTV News, the company MediaOps partnered with the school Boca Code to offer scholarships for students. The scholarship, the Engineer For Change, was created with the intention to assist local companies and help students afford software engineering courses. 

Scholarship recipients are happy to receive the scholarship and work in the area of tech. “Impact, impact, I just want to show kids there is more,” said Jarue Johnson, a recipient of the scholarship. 

Three of the five recipients were women and some had intentions of motivating others. One of the recipients, Victoria Rosa, wants to empower other women to work in tech. Another recipient, Gabriella Rios, doesn’t have much experience but is eager to inspire others in a new career.

Boca Code wishes to continue impacting others in tech in positive ways. MediaOps’s collaboration with Boca Code helps students receive new opportunities. Boca Code is hoping to receive more scholarships in the future and assist students in the tech area.

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