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Casino Awards: Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It

Casino awards, or comps, refer to the prizes casinos give to the gamblers in the form of certain rewards and benefits. The casino comp systems differ from table game and machine game awards. Comps provide gamblers many different items and services, mostly to encourage them to gamble and appreciate them for choosing a specific casino. 

How does the Comp System Work?

If you want to acquire the comp benefits, you have to sign up for a specific casino’s player card. Without becoming a member, you cannot have access to these special privileges. The casino comps give you offers on different games and first deposit bonus by using the theoretical house edge law. 

Theoretical House Edge 

Each gambling machine and game has a different house edge. This means each game offers you different payback percentages based on the denomination. Each game has a different percentage of house edge since each varies in terms of skill and fortune. 

On each of these games, they have a designated number, which the casino calls the house edge. This ensures that the casino makes money from you in the long term. Theoretically, the amount of money each machine takes from your pocket depends on the game you play and the time you spend playing that particular game. 

Therefore, the theoretical house edge determines how profitable you are to the casino. In theory, if you spend a significant amount of time making bets, playing cards, and gambling, the casino realizes that you are a profitable customer. Hence, they offer you better comps and awards if you are a profitable gambler to them. This is because casinos want to treat you nicely, so you keep coming back to them. 

Machine Player vs.Table-Game Player 

The longer you play a certain game such as a slot machine, the better the casino has a chance of acquiring the house edge. For this reason, one of the casino awards includes a “free-play” option that lets you bet without any cost. The casino offers you this comp on machine games after you have already made a few bets. The sole purpose of this comp is to encourage you to keep on making bets. 

The comps and award system for table games work a bit differently. Unlike machine games, there is no computing algorithm to determine and analyze your bets. Therefore, you may not get the same comps that you get when playing machine games. 

If you want to get the most out of a casino, you should spend most of your time on machine games, such as machine poker, slots, and other games. In table games, the casino cannot precisely determine how much you bet all the time and track it. Thus, tracking your average bets becomes the responsibility of the floor person. 

Another thing different about table games is that each game requires different skills and has varying house edges. Some involve more skill than luck if we say about Lucky Nugget Casino review we can learn its features and continue playing without any doubt; some carry high-house edge or low house-edge, while others involve pure luck. The main difference in terms of comps is that casinos do not usually award you in cash-back when you play table games. Hence, it is always best to concentrate more on machine games.

For skill-based games, casinos will also put different house edges on different players. For example, if a player is highly skilled at a table game, the casino will put less house edge percentage on them and offer fewer awards. On the other hand, people who lose more at a table game become vulnerable to a house edge increase. 

Final Words 

Now that you know house edge and the whole purpose of casino awards, you can make better decisions inside the casino. 

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