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Boca Raton Woman gives birth to baby with COVID-19 antibodies

A Boca Raton woman received one dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and when she gave birth three weeks later, her baby had antibodies.

This was discovered by two pediatricians, Dr. Paul Gilbert and Dr. Chad Rudnick, who have now published a “pre-print of the first case believed to be reported in the world of a baby born with antibodies to COVID-19,” reports WPTV.

“We were fortunate this was essentially an opportunity study, because of the time this healthcare worker was able to receive her first vaccine, it was early on in the vaccine rollout,” said Rudnick according to WPTV. “It was the first case to our knowledge that was reported in the literature around the world, of a baby born to a mother who had not had COVID previously, and then was vaccinated and then see that they had antibodies.”

Both pediatricians are now hopeful that further maternal COVID-19 vaccination studies will take place and are excited this scientific breakthrough happened.

“Really cool great scientific opportunity and we knew that we were going to be potentially one of the first in the world to report it and that opportunity probably comes once in a career,” said Gilbert according to WPTV.

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