Published On: Mon, Mar 8th, 2021

5 Mental Health Tips for College Students

Mental health is a factor that is often compromised by college students during their studies. The stress of all the work increases their anxiety levels, which results in the deterioration of their mental health. Some remedies shared in this post can help you sustain your mental health.

Avoid Overreactions

It is quite common among students to overreact to the smallest things in universities, especially when you are in freshman year. High school is nothing like college. They differ in several ways. For instance, the academic system there is entirely different. That is why students who are freshly enrolled in such institutions find it difficult to adjust to this new environment. During your time in college, you might find yourself in tons of stressful situations like:

  • fight with a teacher
  • conflict between friends
  • some rejection
  • nostalgia

A disagreement is quite common among professors and students. Although, as small as this situation seems, it can be quite serious if you are a student. Teachers have a significant amount of power when it comes to universities. They can mark you depending on their favorite student or judge you based on your intelligence. A slight conflict between you and your teacher can lead to disastrous situations. You should maintain your cool in such circumstances and avoid getting into any disagreement with your teacher. This will help you refrain from overacting, thus keeping your mental health remain intact. The main benefit of avoiding such activities is that your studies remain unaffected. For example, your essay assignments won’t have a problem with acing. However, we recommend students use online services to write an essay to eliminate any doubt in getting full marks. The dumbest thing to do in college is getting into a fight with your friends, whether verbal or physical. A mistake several people make and regret later. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Remember, friends, are your only support in college. Getting into a fight with them will only increase your stress levels, which you certainly do not want. 

Stay Active

One of the top mental health tips is staying active. Ask any mental health technician, and they all would recommend you staying active. This concept seems a little farfetched as to how physical activities could enhance mental health, but in all honesty, it does. Staying physically active clears your mind of all the stress while enhancing your health mentally. College students can stay active by doing several activities, such as:

  • visiting the gym
  • Playing Sports
  • Jogging every morning
  • Board games
  • Volunteering for community work.

Just staying alive and keeping a healthy diet is not enough to live an active life. If you want to be relieved of the stress, make sure you indulge yourself in physical activities. The first and foremost thing to do is using the university gym. The gym is free in colleges for its students. It would be beneficial to spend at least one to one and a half-hour of your day there. Work out as much as possible. This will take your mind off work stress. Next in line is playing sports. Sports is like the culture of a college. Every student must go through activities like these if they care about their mental health. It improves your brain activity and gets you socially active as well. Jogging early morning before your classes is a habit every student should adopt. This helps you start your day with a fresh mind. Board games activate your mind the most. Spending at least two hours of your day playing chess would be the smartest way to stay active. 

Throw yourself into new challenges

How to improve mental health? A question asked by many students during therapy sessions. Their psychologists usually ask them to do exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is an activity in which you decide to overcome your fears by facing them. It is known as one of the most effective therapies and is vastly practiced worldwide among students. This therapy is difficult to pull off as facing your fears is not a piece of cake. You may fail many times, but there is no better feeling in this world once you overcome it. There are several fears of students in universities. However, the crucial one is stage fright. Stage fright is a menace for introverts and especially people with low self-esteem. To overcome it, I highly suggest you enlist yourself in a debate club or present as many presentations as you can until your fear of stage fright is gone. 

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Addiction and mental health is the worst combo of deterioration. Several students keep a mindset that college life is nothing unless you party all the time. Such mentality promotes dorm or house parties, which include the abuse of drugs and alcohol by minors. The students who are regular to such activities often get addicted to drugs and alcohol, which leaves them in constant regret as they cannot back off of it. This regret turns into depression, which leads to the deterioration of their mental health. If you are a student, then you stay away as far as possible from such parties as the results can be disastrous in the long term. Apart from your mental health, your academic performance all gets badly affected in such situations. 

Make use of Psychological Services

Many students think that seeing a shrink is an act that will degrade their position in college. This is not true. If you are a student who is having mental issues lately, then you see a therapist. There is no shame in seeing one. Plus, university therapists are free to visit, making it an ideal opportunity for you.

Bonus Tip: Be kind, support other people. They will support you too

Sometimes college might alienate some people. Others college makes homesick. That is why being supportive and kind towards the people you interact with is a must-do thing. This makes you more mentally satisfied and at home, surrounded by friends. However, spending too much time with your friends may result in mismanagement of your study time. 

Having good mental health is a wheel of life. If you take it out, your life malfunctions. That is why it is an important aspect that can never be sidelined (at any cost). Hopefully, these five mental health tips for college students would help you make your life easier in university.

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