Published On: Thu, Feb 18th, 2021

Nike Does Its Best To Make Sure “One Shoe Convenience’s All”

Earlier this month Nike released what will be a hand-free slip-on shoe; simply insert your foot and go. However, from one’s life experience, an idea is born.

This happens to be the case for Boca Raton native, Matthew Walzer, who wanted just one thing– to put on a pair of shoes on his own and having Cerebral Palsy makes it difficult for him to do just that.

Though over the years he has learned to do things physically, individually getting dressed by himself is something Walzer desired. 

The design of the Nike shoe was inspired by Walzer which began his junior year of high school, back in 2012 when he was already thinking about going off to college and knowing there might not be people around to assist him with his needs. 

“It bothered me more and more as I got older, not being able to have shoes that I can put on myself, let alone, obviously I couldn’t tie, but get them on my feet. And so, I wrote this letter to Nike,” Walzer said to CBS 12 reporter Luli Ortiz.

The “Nike Go Flyease” are as simple as their name.

After Walzer’s wishes, Nike ended up reaching out to him, not long after, and sent him a prototype of the current design. It took years for the designer, Tobie Hatfiel who felt moved by Walzer’s story, to finally come up with “the” shoe. 

“To see Nike furthering their commitment to disabled community is amazing,” Walzer said.

Nike’s new shoe release is proof that there is always room for any and everyone at the table. 

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