Published On: Thu, Jan 21st, 2021

Boca Raton Women Gather For A New Day In America

Yesterday was no typical Wednesday morning. It was a pivotal time in America for all U.S. citizens, but especially for the young ladies and women who are a part of this great nation. 

As America welcomed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the feeling of a new day was profound, now more than ever. After swearing in Madame VP Harris– a woman who broke the barrier of firsts yesterday– first woman to ever hold her position and first African- American and South Asian woman to accomplish such a longing feat.

The very first woman Vice President was inaugurated and women all over the country felt it as if, they too, were being sworn in.

Kristen Bomas, Boca Raton citizen, and a couple of her friends gathered in a small group to watch history be made right before their eyes. Bomas said that the inauguration meant more this time around.

“A group of women and a group of friends, just watching this new beginning,” Bomas said via FOX 29. “The flag has new meaning again and it’s good.”

Many generations and ethnicities were in attendance physically and virtually, with Bomas, as her and her friends shared their gratitude.

“To see her in all of her diversity and to have a woman as Vice President, I could go on and on,” Bomas said.

Change is of the essence for America and its people and it all began Jan. 20, 2021. Having a balanced democracy gave the citizens of this country a chance to breathe easily again.

To all women, big or small, Vice President Harris is a confirming testimony on no matter what obstacles may come to pass, proceeding past every physical or verbal notion against your goals will get you to where you are destined to be even if, for you, that means 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

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