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Three Things You Can Do with an Engineering Management Degree

Rapid technological advances in today’s world mean that businesses must be constantly aware of what’s going on around them in order to respond appropriately and maintain productivity. The increasing crossover between the digital and physical world means that communication between engineers and managers is ever-more important; a graduate with expertise in both areas helps to smooth out the manufacture and distribution of a product. Here are a few options of how you can use your skills from your engineering management degree.

Online Product Management

With a background in a scientific or technical discipline and knowledge of computer-aided design software, your understanding of products and how they are understood in the digital world will be well developed compared to those who understand the product from a purely entrepreneurial perspective. This means you can more effectively promote the product, answer clients’ questions about the product, and quickly recognize potential stakeholders for the product. 

In an online product management program from Merrimack College, you’ll learn that it is your job to build productive relationships within the team, and your skills in both technological and interpersonal areas will help improve communication between different sectors of the team. It is easier to respond to rapid industrial change in an online environment, to assess performance, and to solve disparities between product development and company strategy.

Technical Consultant

The skills developed in your engineering management degree can be used to advise companies on when and how to use new technologies in order to increase their productivity and compete effectively in the business world. Your expertise in technology combined with your understanding of business structures can create a smooth transition from old technologies to new ones, with minimal losses for the client company. 

Your leadership skills make you a trustworthy point of contact and advisor; one who does not just point the company towards technological improvements, but instead creates an accessible dialog to help the client predict technological advances and coach them to tackle similar challenges in the future, ultimately improving productivity and minimizing losses.

Plant Manager

The responsibility over heavy machinery on production plants is one that must be given to someone who has developed understanding of both the machinery itself and the administrative tasks that come with handling it. Your knowledge of math and engineering allows you to keep track of on-site operations and ensure that the machinery is maintained and serviced correctly, so that they comply with health and safety regulations. 

Your understanding of computer software allows you to efficiently create reports and spreadsheets. You can use your business management skills to prepare profit and loss projections, deal with hire companies, and supervise and motivate staff.

Bridging the gap between technological innovation and business expansion is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity. By employing a graduate with an understanding of both the product itself and how a company can be structured to efficiently distribute a product, time and money is saved and the business can compete effectively.

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