Published On: Thu, Dec 3rd, 2020

Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative (HEI) celebrates anniversary and announces new Liaison-Chair to the Brazilian community

The Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative (HEI) is celebrating its first anniversary serving the small entrepreneur community in South Florida. After a successful year reaching 1000+ entrepreneurs through their training programs, forums and special events HEI announces that in 2021 it will be starting an Entrepreneur’s Roundtable in partnership with SCORE and debuting the Business Accelerator program.

Mary Sol Gonzalez, CEO of the Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative states “we are delighted to announce that Douglas Heizer will join the HEI team as Liaison to the Brazilian community. Mr. Heizer is one of the most respected members of our community, being the Editor in Chief for the Boca Tribune, the founder of the Boca Raton Football Club, member of the Brazilian Business Group and have served as a member and President of the Rotary Club. The partnership with the Brazilian entrepreneur community is a natural fit to HEI as the Latin community represents a true force in economic development, education, politics and culture in South Florida”.

Founded by Hispanic Entrepreneur women, with years of business experience in the USA, and supported by a multicultural BOD representing education, corporate and nonprofit sectors, HEI Training Programs are tailored to address the many and unique challenges of both becoming a business owner and being an immigrant in the USA. HEI starts from the entrepreneur’s mindset and the need to understand how business is conducted in the USA while preserving their cultural identity and true capital of their heritage. We address the adaptation to the US culture, and the 360° knowledge to run a business

With HEI, Hispanic Entrepreneurs learn “how to learn”, so they can optimize the process of inserting themselves into the US economy as active, sustainable players learn how to differentiate themselves through their cultural assets, and their unique position as bridges between two worlds. HEI provides cross-cultural training. Not only HEI works with the Hispanics seeking to grow sustainable businesses, here but American businesses seeking access to the Hispanic/Latin market and its unique idiosyncrasy.

HEI programs approach the entrepreneurial experience as a whole process encompassing the individual’s mindset and well-being, as well as gathering resources and talent to fill a need, therefore increasing their resilience and capability to quickly react to difficulties. Every session follows the model concept-tool-application so entrepreneurs can apply immediately, yet all sessions are connected.

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