Published On: Sat, Dec 26th, 2020

City to vote on new elementary school

Land currently being used as a temporary location for local schools while their primary buildings are under construction may be the site of a new Boca Raton elementary school with plans to open in 2022. The school is currently referred to as O5C.

The new school would serve K-5 with plans to eventually serve K-8, would take on 971 students, and would be designed so that additional rooms could be added in the future. The project budget is approximately $31.2 million. 

After the announcement for what was supposed to be the hearing on the situation was not sent to several key people, the hearing was postponed until next year. 

On January 12 city commissioners will be voting on whether or not Boca Raton will donate the 15 acre piece of land to Palm Beach County School District, a plan originally designed by Mayor Scott Singer and School Board Chair Frank Barbieri in 2019. The school would be located at 1798 Spanish River Boulevard. 

The school would play an important role in addressing capacity issues in Boca Raton schools as many of them are nearing or have reached 100% capacity. 

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