Published On: Wed, Nov 11th, 2020

Woman Makes Strides To Feed Her Boca Raton Neighborhood

The probability of one going hungry in America is crystal clear. About 41 million people live within food deprivation and a local Boca Raton resident is working towards reducing that number, even if it means by starting off in her own community first. 

Children and adults, the same, need food to be instrumental parts of their communities, which is why Summer Faerman used the approach of the “little free library” and turned it into a “little free pantry.”

“I am the person who wants to save the world with each and every project. This is just one of my projects,” Faerman said to WPTV. 

Faerman sees it this way: there is so much food, yet she sees so much waste. Providing these free little pantries makes room for less people down the street from her to go without another meal or something to eat. 

The way it works is if you take something, leave something– if possible. It’s not to say you have to go grocery shopping and fill the pantry, but a small act of kindness goes a long way; simply pay it forward. 

“It’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing and we know that we are helping and you don’t have to spend $500 at the grocery store,” Faerman said.

There are three pantries within the city of Boca, currently, and three more are waiting to be put up on Nov. 13 in correspondence to World Kindness Day. 

You can find the, already standing, pantries by the Salvation Army on Southwest Second Ave., East Yamato by the Advent Early Childhood School, and the other at 200 Ruby Street. 

Long time resident of Boca Raton, Faerman regularly partakes in different types of projects. This wasn’t just a project for her, but a means of assuring that children and adults in her community don’t lay down at night or go to school without nourishment to their bodies. 

“A child is going to have a full belly to do school or they’re going to be able to put their head on their pillow at night and they’re not going to be having a bedtime story of a rumbling tummy,” Faerman said to WPTV’s Erica Rakow.
If you’d like to be a part of this project, here’s how.

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