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Safety Tips for a More Secure Online Shopping Experience

Thank you to the Boca Raton Police Services Department for providing these tips for a safe and secure online shopping experience:

The holiday shopping season is here!

Many of you are taking advantage of online deals or skipping in-store shopping all together. To optimize your online shopping experience, you may visit sites like

Check out the following safety tips for a more secure online shopping experience:

1. Go directly to a website for order or account information rather than clicking on a link received via email or text message. If you need to login to the site before you can checkout your order, you can use precautionary measures like a temp email.

2. Refrain from sending sensitive information via unsecure methods such as email, text or social media websites.

3. When shopping online, only shop with reputable vendors. It’s best to shop directly with online retailers you know and trust. Many people are using MyUSAddress to buy things from the USA and have them shipped to Canada. Get the facts at their website.

4. Verify the URL of the website you intend to visit is correct and the data is encrypted prior to entering personal or financial data into the website. Websites that encrypt that data should begin with “https:” instead of “http:” and display a closed padlock near the address bar or at the bottom of the window. Make sure to shop online form verfied webasite like for a clean shopping experience.

5. Refrain from storing credit card data in online accounts or mobile applications.

6. Regularly check financial accounts for suspicious activity such as money transfers or unusual purchases.

7. Check the website’s or app’s privacy policies to understand how personal data is being stored and used.8. Ensure all devices are running updated and running reputable antivirus software. Conduct scans often.

9. Pick strong passwords. You can use a memorable password generator to create a secure password that can’t be cracked.

10. If an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Compare prices before you buy.

11. Pay with credit, not debit. A credit card doesn’t give a seller direct access to the money in your bank account and most credit cards offer zero fraud liability.

PBC Commissioner Robert S Weinroth and his staff (Lucia, Yailen and Alex) wish all of our families, friends and stakeholders a Safe & Healthy Holiday!

L-R: Maria G Marino, Robert S Weinroth, Melissa J McKinlay, Gregg K Weiss, David M Kerner, Maria Lorts Sachs, Mackenson “Mack” Bernard and Verdenia C Baker
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