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Peter Mayer Rides 200 Miles, From Boca Raton to Key West, Within 22 Hours

Peter Mayer’s bike wasn’t the only thing that got him through a 200-mile ride from Boca Raton to Key West in under 24 hours. The 23-year-old Boca resident used determination and passion to make what began as a joke among friends, into a meaningful challenge. 

Mayer, who had never ridden as a hobby, took on the idea of accomplishing this goal not only for himself, but mainly for his late brother who had committed suicide close to two years ago. He thought it would be a good way to raise awareness for Mental health and Suicide Prevention.

The group of friends were able to raise a total of $12,000 which the proceeds will go to Mayer’s brothers Memorial Foundation, an amount they were not expecting. 

“It is going to the Nick Mayer Memorial Foundation in memory of my brother,” Mayer said to WPTV’s Miranda Christian. 

Nick Mayer’s memorial fund assists children in playing hockey, something that the Mayer’s brothers shared and tied them even closer together. 

Not only does the money go towards Nick’s foundation, but a portion goes to Suicide Prevention and Awards.

Mayer’s friend group drove behind him his entire ride and live streamed it for, mostly, the entire way on Facebook. 

Some of Mayer’s friends doubted he would be able to make the stretch within 24 hours, but realized that anything could be accomplished with strong will.

“It is amazing how much awareness this raised, how many eyes this opened for things going on in our own friend’s group,” Anthony Kanaris said to WPTV.

Mayer says that it is his wish for this to have encouraged people, struggling with their mental health, to seek help if needed.

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