Published On: Thu, Nov 26th, 2020

FDA to allow emergency use of at-home COVID-19 tests

The FDA will allow the emergency use of at-home COVID-19 tests and some patients in South Florida will be the first to access these tests. 

The tests are single-use and will likely require a prescription. The user will take a nasal swab and then place that in a solution. The solution’s container then plugs into a portable device, which will then display either a negative or positive result. 

The test, which is expected to be available nationwide in the spring of 2021, will cost around $50 and matched those of laboratory tests results 94% of the time.

If an individual using the test tests positive, they should quarantine and consult a medical professional, but if someone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms tests negative they should still consult a doctor because a negative test does not rule out the possibility of having COVID-19.

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