Published On: Mon, Oct 19th, 2020

“Maritza Caneca, Pools” is on view at the Miami International Airport

“Maritza Caneca, Pools” is on view in the Miami International Airport, gates D22 and D25, from now – March 28, 2021. The exhibition brings Caneca’s breathtaking photographs of pools in a collaboration with Division of Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs of  Miami-Dade Aviation Department, supported by The55project and Bakehouse Art  Complex. 

Caneca developed an ongoing photography project centered on the swimming pool as a  nostalgia site, full of memories with both personal and universal resonance. Her photographs show pools in varying stages of use and decay. The aesthetic and sensory qualities of pools—the blueness and malleability of the water; the artistry and repetition of the frequently used pool tiles; and the sense of calm and weightlessness—have further fueled Caneca’s artistic explorations and extensive studies and research around the world.  

MIA Galleries is Miami International Airport’s arts and exhibitions program. Founded in  1996, MIA Galleries includes rotating exhibition spaces throughout MIA,  including CameraWorks Gallery – an exhibition venue committed to presenting fine art  photography and photo-based works by emerging and established artists living and  working Miami-Dade County. 

Caneca has exhibited her work internationally, in venues such as the iconic  Copacabana Palace Hotel, and Paço Imperial during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.  She is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and lives and works in Miami, FL, where she has a  studio at the Bakehouse Art Complex.

“We are proud to present Maritza Caneca, Pools at MIA. This exhibition features captivating and stunningly composed photographs of the artist’s expansive Pool  Series. Her contemplative images of pools were captured in cities such as London,  Miami, Rio de Janeiro, and Budapest. We hope they delight and immerse travelers and  international visitors with studied poetic compositions of light and geometry that bring  stillness and respite.” (Gendry B. Sherer, Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs  Director, Miami-Dade Aviation Department) 

“I am so pleased to see Miami International Airport exhibit a selection of works by  Bakehouse resident artist and photographer Maritza Caneca, whose recent  photographs have focused on swimming pools taken all over the world. These seductive  and layered images, viewed by travelers departing, coming to, or returning to Miami,  evoke Miami’s beach and bathing culture and the fantasy and imagination of some of its  public and private pools. Through these images, Maritza reminds viewers that Miami is  defined as much by an invented environment as it is by its natural one.” (Cathy Leff,  Acting Director of Bakehouse Art Complex) 

“It was a pleasure to be invited to exhibit at Miami International Airport. Especially during these different times, I can see how public art projects are showing its immense  potential.” (Maritza Caneca, visual artist and photographer) 

“Maritza Caneca, Pools” exhibition is presented by Miami Dade Aviation Department  and supported by Division of Fine Arts &Cultural Affairs, in collaboration with Anita  Schwartz Gallery, The Bakehouse Art Complex and The55project. 

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