Published On: Fri, Oct 2nd, 2020

Boca Raton Works Towards Permitting Easier Access To Food Trucks For Its Residents

Food is essential, but so is staying healthy and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] health guidelines to keep the community and citizens safe during these trying times. 

The city of Boca Raton has made efforts in providing food services to the community through a new permitting process which involves food trucks. People shopping for used food trucks can often find great deals on trucks right in their area. Tip: Go to Google and search for this term: “used food truck for sale near me“. Google’s constantly updated algorithms will allow you to find great used food trucks, utv trailers, and concession trailer for sale right in your immediate area. It sure beats purchasing a food truck or trailer from across the country and having to drive it all the way back to your home base.

According to WFLX, the owner of Chick-fil-A in Boca’s Town Center Mall, Paul Kiedis, was ready to be part of the process. Food truck owners must submit an application through a double layered process. Midsouth trailers can also give your business a boost when it comes to efficiency and savings, especially in the long-term.

“Right now, part of the challenge is the permits are supposed to be taken care of by the person asking us to be at the events, so that may or may not happen,” Kiedis said to WFLX reporters.

Boca Raton's Food Truck Friday Series rolls into town - South Florida  Sun-Sentinel

Pertaining to special or more large events, the owner of the food truck must apply for the special event permit which would grant access to serve the people at their event. As for smaller events like a birthday party or Bar Mitzvah, it is up to the hosts of the event or party on how they would like to go about the permit process. 

However, city councilman Andy Thomson is working towards changing this rule, as he feels that it involves too much effort and work for something as simple as food truck services. 

“The last thing on a mom or dad’s mind is getting a special event permit for their child’s birthday party to have a food truck there,” Thomson said. “So, it doesn’t always make sense to have that level of regulation for something as easy as a food truck.”

If this rule is changed, the food truck owners won’t have to apply for a special event permit as long as they follow the protocol of parking their trucks in the permitted areas such as industrial, business, and or residential.

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