Published On: Wed, Sep 30th, 2020

Boca Police Investigating Report of Lewd Act During Boca High Virtual Class

The Boca Raton police are investigating a report of suspicious acts during an online classroom session. Teachers and parents reportedly told CBS 12 News that they saw a student engaging in lewd behavior during a Google Meet session. 

The incident occurred on Tuesday and CBS 12 says that the Boca High School Student was engaging in inappropriate, sexual behavior in front of the virtual class.

According to the School District of Palm Beach County updated COVID-19 Policy Student and Family Handbook, “Inappropriate Lewd, or Obscene Sexual Acts,” are considered Level 3 violations.

Photo by Prime Time Palm Beach County

“Level 3 Incidents are more serious than Level 2 Incidents. These behaviors cause significant disruptions with the learning process. These incidents cause health and/or safety concerns, or damage to school property,” as stated in the handbook. 

Some teachers from the high school said that this incident did not come as a surprise. 

 Valerie Hernandez, a local English teacher and source via CBS 12 says, the trouble typically starts when a student shares the code to a “Google Meet” with another student.

Hernandez said that her virtual classes usually go uninterrupted however she did face a few surprises. 

“I did have some kids last Spring kind of hijack one of my classes,” she told CBS12 News. “They came on and just started spewing profanities and being disruptive and insulting and just nasty.”

A spokesperson for the school district tells CBS12 that all students must acknowledge the student code of conduct before logging onto the student portal for class.

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