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2020 NFL Betting Lines: Meeting This Year’s Top 5 Big Favorites

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2020 NFL Betting Lines: Meeting This Year’s Top 5 Big Favorites 

There is no turning back for NFL fans as its newest campaign will begin on September 10, 2020, at Arrowhead Stadium. The 32 teams from the AFC and NFC will vie for the Super Bowl LV title, taking a 17-week playoff schedule. During the opening day, the Houston Texans will face last year’s defending champs, the Kansas City Chiefs. 

With the thrill that happened during the 2020 NFL Draft, there are many things to look forward to in the newest NFL campaign. Some big football players had left their team, signing a more favorable contract with others. Also, some prominent rookies were drafted and will be part of the initial line-up right away. 

That said, many football enthusiasts can’t wait for the NFL to start. In fact, bettors are now forming their bets, looking for the latest football odds to wager and win. Like any other sports tournament, the favorites are the top choice of every punter when picking their bets. Here are this year’s biggest favorites to give you a clearer picture of how exciting the 2020 NFL can look like. 

Kansas City Chiefs (AFC  West) 

Stealing last year’s Lombardi Trophy against the San Francisco 49ers, the Chiefs are taking this year’s biggest NFL favorites. It is why they will wrestle against the Texans during the opening day, hoping to nail a status as the most dangerous team to compete in the 2020 NFL season. 

The Chiefs didn’t have many changes in their current roster. Instead of trading and picking more players during the NFL Draft, they retained all the veteran players. Also, Patrick Mahomes has been boosted more in the quarterback position. He might be the key player for the Chiefs to get hailed as repeat NFL winners. 

Buffalo Bills (AFC East)

The Buffalo Bills this year have surprised the NFL community after emerging as one of the biggest favorites in this year’s NFL campaign. They bested the all-time favorite New England Patriots, facing a huge challenge today after Tom Brady left for the Bucs. 

The Bills appeared in the league playoffs last year but failed to earn a berth in the quarterfinals. This year, Sean McDermott heightens his team’s defensive skills while the offense comes better. Josh Allen will play as the quarterback in his third year while Stefon Diggs, the NFL’S top wide receiver, will join him. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South) 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are this year’s NFL season host. They will hold the Super Bowl LV finals, which will take place at the Bucs homecourt in Raymond James Stadium on February 7, 2021. That said, the Bucs are making its best line-up not only to show their best performance but to secure the Super Bowl title. 

This year, the Bucs are one of the biggest favorites to wager in the NFL after they did the most dramatic job in the NFL Draft. The NFL community was surprised after they closed a contract with Tom Brady, who will surely take his sweetest revenge this year. Not only that, the Bucs are delighted to welcome Rob Gronkowski, the top NFL tight end, who is also joined by a rush leader, Shaquill Barrett. 

Minnesota Vikings (NFC North) 

The NFC North has shown their best in many past NFL games, and this year, the Minnesota Vikings are the division’s huge favorites.  Although this team has been struggling against the Green Bay Packers, the Vikings have been continually investing in improving their defensive depth, which is their largest weapon this league season.

One of the reasons why the Vikings came out as the favorites this season is because of Dalvin Cook’s epic offensive improvements. Aside from him,  Kirk Cousins is now doing best in the passing area. If these two key players work together productively along with other team members, the Vikings might steal a march in the Super Bowl LV edition. 

Houston Texans (AFC South) 

Although DeAndre Hopkins is no longer part of the Texan’s line-up this year, this team is undoubtedly one of the 2020 NFL season’s biggest favorites. During the last two years, the Texans have appeared in the league playoffs, which they might repeat this year. 

As mentioned, they will open the 2020 NFL campaign facing the Kansas City Chiefs. If their rival has veteran players to offer, the Texans have on Deshaun Watson and a returning defensive player, J.J. Watts, to rely on. Aside from them, running back players David and Duke Johnson are also dangerous talents, making an impact on the Texans. 


Every year, the NFL campaign highlights the top favorites and underdogs in each respective conference. It is to compare what lies ahead for these groups and how the bettors can position their bets. Given the biggest 2020 NFL favorites this year, you have many choices to pick as to who can win the Super Bowl LV title.

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