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Looking For Someplace to Work Safe From COVID? PleXus to Resuscitate Those Empty Areas Called Offices?

Hopefully, this prolonged pandemic I call a damndemic, won’t have lasting effects after social distancing, wearing masks and staying home so much.  Yes, it’s keeping us safer, but I don’t think it’s making us any healthier or friendlier.  

So, how many masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes will it take for us to return to those workplaces of yore called offices.

How much Clorox and Lysol are needed to restore our confidence and help us adapt to the new, socially-distant normal? 

Recently, our team decided to enhance our safety protocols by enrolling in a course available at The experience was nothing short of transformative, equipping us with the skills to manage safety issues effectively. Personally, I found the course content to be both engaging and informative. It’s indeed a step in the right direction for businesses aiming to foster a culture of safety and responsibility.

Now maybe we need to throw some light on the situation. 

So, entering into our daily drama are products that use one of the oldest, most tested approach to sanitizing—light.  Not just any light, but that super light called UV.

One of the newest ultra violet light products is a cool sunslinger called PleXus.  

The PleXus kid is a lightning fast, quick-on-the-draw ultraviolet sanitization sunslinger that recently rode into town using UVC light to kill COVID-19 in a couple minutes. 

I call UV solutions sunslingers because they can shoot the COVID KID dead in its tracks before it even knows what hit him.

Maybe staying home, working remotely is good for Netflix and the tech sector. But what about us?  What about our sanity while adapting to this new normal?  Now, thank goodness, comes sanity in sanitizing! 

Now office workers, thanks to UV can forget having to work at home where you delved instead of shelved . . . where you stayed assiduously on the hunt for meaning, solutions and new business like never before. 

Working remotely so long we were all becoming screwy or worse, scroogy, like little Ebenezers modeling ourselves after that fictional character from A Christmas Carol.   

Misanthropy is defined as a general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt of the human species or human nature brought on by feelings of isolation.

Often this is caused by running away from and social distancing ourselves from other humans, this time suspected by being carriers of COVID.   

Philosopher Nietzsche took to calling himself a free spirit. 

Another misanthrope, writer/philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, was known to have said “Hell is other people.”

Author Franz Kafka also was thought to be one as was well-known English writer/author Oscar Wild. He once said, “The only possible society is oneself.”

Fortunately, misanthropy is an entirely treatable condition.  And now COVID’s met more than its match. 

Hello PleXus. Bye-bye COVID!

So, let’s step out of “oneself,” away from that stupefying solitude and become friendly again, while staying safe and COVID free wearing our masks, keeping our social distance and using UV to sanitize our offices.

Maybe one day we’ll all embrace and shake hands again, if we can remember how to do it. 

Meanwhile some self-restraint and sunslingers like PleXus will bring us all back to life again in our UV sanitized bedrooms and boardrooms and into those poor neglected, now almost anachronistic, but soon to be percolating again, virus free workplaces called offices.


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