Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2020

Discovery Channel Show’s Debut on Aug. 18 Featured 2 Palm Beach Natives

Newlyweds Matteo Ferrer and Julie Managanelli risk everything on the new show “I Quit” where “everyday people take the leap of a lifetime,” according to the Discovery Channel.

Discovery Channel’s new show “I Quit” follows budding entrepreneurs take the beginning steps toward their dream career, company, and future. “I Quit” shows the journey of entrepreneurship from quitting your stable job, all the way to owning your own company. The show premiered on August 18 at 10:00 pm ET/PT, with later showings coming on at 9:00 pm ET/PT.

Julie Managanelli and Matteo Ferrer. Photo Sourced from the Discovery Channel

Ferrer and Managanelli, from Palm Beach, put their all into launching Versattire, a versatile attire clothing company.

“We call it the best dress shirt because it’s movable, breathable, it stretches with you,” Managanelli said. “It’s a performance, athletic type attire.”

Ferrer first came up with the idea for Versattire in 2011 but did not act upon it until finishing his education. Julie and Matteo are cofounders of this company and throughout the process of the show you see the development of this idea.

Matteo Ferrer showing the stretchiness of their dress shirt. Photo sourced from Versattire’s website.

“[In the show] you see the natural growth of a start-up, a lot of failures, successes and learning curves,” Ferrer notes. “All of this is covered in the show.”

The show itself has these business owners self-documenting their experience and viewers will see first-hand the high-intensity environment of launching a company. However, these budding entrepreneurs don’t know that at the end of the full year, the most promising business will be given $100,000 to fuel their growth.

Julie and Matteo note that they both have not seen the final product of the show and are eager to see their portrayal. The Ferrers note they hope to inspire others to go out and pursue their passions.

Their company, Versattire, is operating exclusively online for now but the couple is hoping to have a storefront available soon. Ferrer notes that their business is completely sustainable and is powered by renewable energy. Browse their collections here

At the time Matteo first thought of this idea, he was working locally and going on many job interviews upon graduating with his Master’s Degree. In hot, sunny South Florida, Matteo felt a need to reinvent the modern-day dress shirt.

Watch the growth of Versattire, the Ferrers, and other groups of entrepreneurs on Discovery Channel’s new show, “I Quit”.

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