Published On: Fri, Jul 17th, 2020

No Chances for Amateurism

A lot of companies had to move fast to adopt to the home office. Because of this, all the secure infra structure they had built before does not apply to the employees’ homes. Now will be the time to find out if your employees are ready to face cybercrime.

If your company trained them the way they should have been trained, you’re good to go; otherwise, I strongly recommend you not waste time. Find good experts to help you out. Cybercrime is making profits of over 1.5 trillion dollars per year. This amount is bigger than Spain’s GDP, and 3 times Walmart revenues. 

Companies need to monitor their employees so closely that even a simple act like printing a document could be a red flag for security. Cyber awareness training is the key to a company’s security.

We all know that the best tool for digital protection is knowledge. Your employee must be trained and tested every single day because cybercrime does not rest one single minute.

That’s why I created a series on my YouTube Channel called “The Most Common Scams” and a Telegram Channel to keep followers aware of the most popular scams out there. I receive around 10 calls every day from victims asking me what they should do.

COVID19 Job Scams are topping the list of scams. Unemployment is growing exponentially in all states. It means potentially more victims for cybercrime. I know that when you are anxious, stressed, worrying over all the bad things that are happening right now, not just the virus but also over the economy and socially distancing from the ones you love. All those facts make you vulnerable and that is the perfect opportunity for the bad guy. Secure teams need to be very close to the employees. Right now, there are no chance for amateurism.

One digital crime that has been growing over the last years is ransomeware: bad guys demand ransom for the victim to have access to the blocked system through a malicious program.

In 2021, it’s projected that one company will be attacked by ransomeware worldwide every 11 seconds.

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