Published On: Wed, Jun 10th, 2020

Students Create Organization for Peaceful Protests

By: Nadia Gordon

Three students Katrina Dobinda (FAU), Sheza Ali (West Boca High) and Antonio Alcima (West Boca High) started an organization called  “Are We Next”.

“Are We Next” organizes peaceful student protests “in memory of George Floyd, against police brutality and for police reform,” says the organization. 

The organization is geared towards students, but is open to all that adhere to the rules and regulations of a peaceful protest. 

Photo by: Camila Souto

On June 8th the organization held a student protest from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. They advertised the protest flyer via social media and reached out to the local news.The exact location was released only two days prior.

 “We picked the Glades and State Road 7 intersection because it was so busy and we knew how big the sidewalk was,” said Katrina Dobinda. 

The organization has set guidelines and regulations in order for the protest to remain safe and non-violent. They include:

  • Stay off the street
  • One, Mic, One Voice which means to remain silent and respectful while others give speeches
  • Take Care of Yourself and Others 
  • Social Distancing and Protection (including mandatory masks)
  • No violence
  • Above all, remaining PEACEFUL
Photo by: @bisan_am on instagram

Dobinda noted that “We stayed peaceful throughout the entire time, there was chanting and we did nine minutes of silence while laying down.”

Tiffany Naranjo, Broward College Nursing Major also put together a peaceful protest that was held on June 4th at the corner of North University Drive and West Sample Road. Jennifer Lopez who attended that protest said, “Being a part of a protest I felt like I was spreading awareness as many people on the roads stopped to read our signs, honked, and even let out a fist from their sunroof,” “If I can attend another I will, it feels right sharing my knowledge and awareness on the subject as not everyone is aware of these issues or how and why they happen.”

For more information check out @arewenext2020 on instagram or email at

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