Published On: Mon, Jun 29th, 2020

Palm Beach County June 29 COVID-19 Update

Florida’s COVID-19 positive cases continue to increase daily reaching 146,341 people by June 29. Palm Beach County now has a total of 13,711 positive cases and 503 deaths.

Compared to June 26, Palm Beach County had 12,498 cases- an increase of 1,213.

Photo Courtesy of the
Florida Department of Health.

Vice Mayor Robert Weinroth and County Commissioner Hal Valeche note the positivity rate consistently hovering around 10% was a major factor in the new mask mandate. With 331 new cases on June 28 the positivity rate was 9.7%. With 454 new cases on June 27 the positivity rate was 8.5%.

Palm Beach County Department of Health Director, Dr. Alina Alonso, said the virus’ spread is worse now than when the county began to reopen. Facial coverings are mandatory in Palm Beach County in an attempt to slow the spread. To facilitate the usage of masks, Mayor Dave Kerner will have two masks sent to each household in the county.

Photo Courtesy of the
Florida Department of Health.

Gov. Ron DeSantis attributes many new cases to younger crowds not abiding social distancing or wearing face masks. According to the Florida Department of Health, the median age of infection is decreasing in Palm Beach County- it is lowered to an average of 43 currently.

“This is not chicken pox,” Dr. Alonso warns the younger population. “This is not the thing that you bring your kids to a party to get.”

A total of 1,744 cases in Palm Beach County have resulted in hospitalization.

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