Published On: Thu, Jun 11th, 2020

Instilling Positivity in the South Florida Community

Connected Through Caring is a project created by 4 FAU students, Kassi, Isabella, Mark, and Maya, and our mentor Miriam. Our project’s mission is to offer support, motivation, and gratitude to the South Florida community during the COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve this, we want to send motivating letters to the essential workers on the front lines of this pandemic and promote multi-generational conversation, all while practicing social distancing. How? Through three components: a letter-writing campaign, a community-based pen pal program and a video communication initiative. 

The letter-writing initiative is open to anyone who is eager to become involved. The pen pal program and video communication are exclusive to FAU students or FAU faculty members only. 

For those who want to get involved with the letter-writing campaign, it will be conducted as a one-time correspondence to assisted living residents and their essential staff members. All assisted living facilities involved are within Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward counties.

The letters will be distributed to nursing home residents and the letters of gratitude are for the workers at the facilities who are putting their health and safety on the line to better serve their community. The letters will be collected through email, and the website, which will then be distributed electronically to the respective assisted living facilities. Anyone can contribute to the letter writing initiative and are encouraged to get involved. You can write a letter as a South Florida resident wanting to help spread positivity in your local community or you can reside outside of Florida and still find yourself eager to get involved. Our goal is to collect as many letters as we can!

If you are interested in writing a letter of encouragement to those assisted living residents or a letter of gratitude to their essential workers, you can submit a letter via our website,, or send an email to 

We urge you to get involved and write a letter and we thank you in advance for your time and willingness to participate with our project. 

If you are an FAU student looking to get involved in the Pen Pal or Video Communication programs, please visit our website or send us an email with any questions you may have. 

Most importantly, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Please reach out with any questions, comments, or inquire to volunteer, via our email or website.

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