Published On: Thu, Jun 4th, 2020

Customer Signals That All Online Casinos Should Listen To in 2020.

The Online Casino Industry has already demonstrated the world its value and power, despite being such a recent industry. The demand is growing sharply, and new companies are joining the market every year. However, many online operators could see their dreams collapse if they do not reinvent themselves and embarked on a more customer-driven focus. Players are now gifted with a scope of new possibilities and have more knowledge and information that ever before. Now, they can easily bet at foreign licensed casinos based on Malta, or Gibraltar, for example, while betting from Canada, The US, Australia, or any other country around the globe. Players are aware of the market offer and most will online consider giving a chance to the best real money online casinos that make a difference. 


Until now, the market was fulfilled with a fair number of online casinos that shared the demand and operated happily while getting a pretty decent profit. Some online operators delivered high-quality services to impress their customers and started a long-standing reputation that continues in the present. Alternatively, other casinos mainly focused on providing a fair service at a lower cost to increase their return of investment. 

However, what happened next caught many off guard. 

As the demand kept growing, new investors and companies joined the casino industry in an attempt to grab a piece of the cake. Consequently, operators progressively encountered a higher competence, and these days, they are left with a saturated market that is not expected to stop growing. 

The Near Future

The Online Gambling Industry has expanded worldwide in the last years and has become one of the most profitable industries of all time. According to the Online Gambling Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report, the market value in 2020 is USD 59.6 billion and it is expected to reach USD 127.3 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. To be able to reach that peak, different factors will play a very important role during this period and will impact directly in the future success and profit of the industry. 

Key factors summary:

  • The growing popularity of online casinos in new countries where the industry was not quite active
  • New regulations will allow online operators to accept players from different countries where online gambling is currently totally or partially forbidden 
  • Easiest access to online gambling platforms
  • A growing percentage of smartphone acquisition
  • Online Casinos adaptability to mobile devices
  • New online games and features

However, the gambling industry will also face different challenges that operators need to have in mind to reach their goals. These new challenges are related to the customer’s experience and developing an online casino from a player’s point of view. Even if it sounds too obvious, there is still a huge number of online operators that fail to provide a high-quality service or that have a lot to improve.

In 2020, there is already an overwhelming number of online casinos who compete against each other and struggle to get not only new players but also loyal customers. And there is strong evidence to support a gradual increase in the number of future operators.

Players are aware of this situation and consequently, they take advantage of the situation by betting only at the best online casinos and even benefit from other operators just to claim a bonus and abandon them right after. Sites like bring all the latest offers and provide one stop shop for gamblers around the world. 

This attitude, in many cases, is more than comprehensible, as a lot of online operators have fooled its players or failed to develop the services they were proudly promoting. As a result, players now demand high-quality casinos and a more customer-driven approach that takes their needs and worries into account.

Most common fails:

  • Hidden conditions and wagering requirements on casino bonuses
  • Unfair Terms & Conditions
  • Slow and complicated pay-out process
  • Withdrawals that have been stolen by the online casino
  • Poor navigation site
  • Mobile Version not available
  • Lack of games and live casino 
  • Game Fairness not provided
  • Awful customer’s support 

How to become a successful online casino

In this context, we approach any online casino that is currently operating legally. Not only new casinos that entered the market recently and need to win new players, but also all those veteran companies that are outdated and think they will enjoy their success forever. They are wrong.

To become or to keep being a successful online casino, there are several customer signals that should be top priority. However, everything is synthesized in a single rule – to put your players’ satisfaction in the centre of your business goal. In does not come as a surprise, as hundreds of companies around the globe from several industries have already proved it.

However, it is a good idea to remember some of the most important customer signals to take your business to the next level:

  • Players never return to online casinos that provided a bad experience
  • Bounce rate increases if the site provides a long registration process
  • Players will not return to or recommend casinos with an annoying withdrawal process
  • Players demand on-the-go online casinos and mobile versions
  • Players enjoy both online games and live casino games
  • Players will consider changing their operator if their customer support fails to help them
  • Players are not likely to play at online casinos included in a blacklist of any affiliate site

And the list goes on.

Even though these customers signals seem to be quite reasonable and easy to follow. In practice, still many online operators do not meet their customer’s needs what jeopardises directly their bright future in this industry.

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