Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2020

The “New Normal” is better than the “Old Normal”

The world changed forever after the Covid virus 19

And, to sit and wait for the return of old times and old jobs, would be of suicidal unrealism.

The “new normal” is here to stay.

But is that supposed to mean that we will have necessarily worse days?

Definitely not. It’s up to us to adapt.

Let us analyze from the point of view of office work, carried out by the famous whitecollars, as is the “new normal”.

It all can be better, with meritocracy gaining spectacular dimensions and companies increasing their productivity, lowering their costs, increasing their efficiency, their safety and better remunerating their employees, in real terms.

Take the example of ENETSEC’s security system, which Oxford is implementing for its customers, created forr security to Cyber Crimes attacks and now expanded to be able to give companies the opportunity  to increase their productivity with their employees working from home.

For business

In this “new standardl” todos employees will have the equipment, given by the company, for their work to be done at home, monitored by the system that identifies, among others, the following aspects:

  • The focus being given to the work.
  • The form of communication with colleagues, demonstrating teamwork.
  • Speed of meeting the demands of colleagues.
  • Speed of meeting customer demands.
  • Acuity of information provided to colleagues and customers.
  • Transfer of sensitive data to third parties.
  • Information diversion.
  • Cordiality and respect with colleagues and clients.
  • Identification of internal threats.
  • Identification of deviations of conduct and creation of a work environment.

We would follow these advantages along lines and lines, because it is important that the system will give the company a significant increase in productivity, effectiveness, and safety, with increased gains and greater competitiveness. Then we also always recommend using one of the best GDPR consultants like as that way you can be sure you have it correct.

It will also significantly reduce costs, with less necessary work area, less expenses in cleaning, coffees, etc., in addition to natural dispersions in a work environment.

For the employee

The “new normal” will also be better than the “old normal”. l

Qual the meaning of this “new normal” in practical terms, for the employee:

More time for you and your family why:

  • You won’t have to “prepare” to go to work.
  • You won’t waste shipping time to the company.

It will also be more economical because:  

  • You will not have to invest in clothes, makeup, perfumes, etc.
  • Fuel or public transport.
  • Maintenance and other costs in the case of the vehicle itself.

Let’s look at a table of a media worker who works in an office*

Dry cleaner$90.00
Total $650.00

*We are considering a small town like Boca Raton, where transportation consumes little. The  values mayvarydepending on  the  city, type of work, and other elements. In this case we would have a real increase in the gain of 1/4 on the average salary of an office employee.

Meritocracy will emerge:

It will not depend on the sympathy of the immediate chiefs for their evaluation.

It will not depend on “sympathies” or dislikes of colleagues.

The results of your effort and results will naturally surface.

That is, you will earn more, according to your merits and have more time for yourself and family

If necessary, there will be more time, including for an additional gain in another activity


Now, we’ve wanted all this for a long time, but, clinging to the standards of the “normal old man” we feared change, both as employers and employees.

Technology is there to help this passage to make itêeven better our world, just know it and implement it

Definitely the “new normal” should be better than the “normal old”

Carlo Barbieri

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