Published On: Fri, May 29th, 2020

College Students Adjust to Virtual Learning Shift

In early March, Governor Ron Desantis ordered the closing of public and private schools until March 30th due to COVID-19. Since March, many schools have made the decision to remain closed through the 2020 school year. However, students and teachers have moved  to virtual instruction and many students have had to become reliant on themselves when it comes to their education. 

The switch from in person classes to virtual was so sudden, many residential students have not gone back to retrieve their items. Other students left abruptly, leaving their jobs to go back to their hometowns.

Mirana Freire, junior at Florida Atlantic University said “It was rough to move back home all of a sudden, I still get my work done on time but it is harder to communicate with teachers fully. I used to always go to class happy and excited to learn and now I feel like I have to teach myself.” 

Many FAU students who prefer in person classes and excel in hands on environments have struggled to adjust. Students are provided with resources and people to contact for help with courses such as online tutoring, webinars via their individual clubs and organizations, as well as virtual career assistance. Students also have access to virtual group fitness classes via the FAU Campus Recreation Center. 

Sharmene Dorlean, graduate student at Nova Southeastern said,  “The virtual switch is very different from being in class everyday. I do think it is easier because you are at home and don’t have to worry about the burden of driving to class. In my opinion though I would prefer being in class because I do feel like there are less distractions and this switch has also affected me mentally. I would say mentally because it is different from what I am used to and also I like to go out so this switch has been challenging and easy in some way. I am looking forward to life returning to the norm.”

Students at all levels of education are dealing with this switch. As new information continues to develop it is apparent that the reintroduction of in person classes will be an ongoing process. 

Full remote learning will continue through the Summer III session, which runs from June 27 through Aug. 7,” said FAU President John Kelly. The University plans to present their fall semester plans to the FAU Board of Trustees and Florida Board of Governors on June 23. 

Cash grants are available  for eligible FAU students impacted by COVID-19. Check out this link for more: COVID-19 Financial Assistance FAU CARES Act Reporting.

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