Published On: Mon, Apr 13th, 2020

Rotary Club of Lake Worth Beach

Fredrick and Trudy Otukuru who are the directors of our program in Uganda

Hi Members of the Lake Worth Beach Rotary Club,

Lake Worth, FL – Kathy and I are very pleased to share the latest news about Tracy and the other children of Tusonge Children’s Ministries in Uganda.

Thanks to the Lake Worth Beach Rotary Club’s generosity, Tracy has been enrolled in St. Julian’s Boarding School in Kampala — one of the top primary and secondary schools in the country.              She joins over 30 other Tusonge children whose sponsors are providing them with a quality education.  Tracy is at the sophomore level and is doing very well with her studies.  She particularly enjoys science and math.

Like the rest of the world, Tusonge is concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Cleanliness and social distancing are a challenge in the crowded conditions of Uganda, but the children and their care givers–Fredrick and Trudy–are doing their best to stay safe. 

School has temporarily suspended classes and the children have returned either to our group home, or to their own family residences when possible.  For many families this is an added burden as they struggle to live on a meager income of 75 cents to one dollar a day.  And now, with government orders to close non-essential businesses, most families are in desperate need of food. Fortunately, the board of Tusonge has been conservative with our expenses so we have a cushion to help the children through these difficult times.  However, we would certainly welcome an extra donation if you are moved to do so.

Thank you all again for your wonderful expression of love and support for Tracy and all of Tusonge Children’s Ministries.

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