Published On: Mon, Apr 20th, 2020


To Mayor Scott Singer, Boca Raton, Fl:  Mr. Mayor, please fight this vile virus with some common sense.

Many of us confined to our oceanfront condos need to exercise daily to stay fit, which means we need to walk or jog on what is our front yard, our wide empty beach.

Our gyms and pools are closed. We’re confined to our apartments where many of us don’t have Peloton bikes or Nordic Tracks to spin ourselves silly. 

For many of us condo dwellers, we have no place to exercise, but on our beach, but police keep chasing us, telling us the beach is closed and ordering us off the beach immediately.   

My wife, Rita and I, are starting to feel like outlaws, like we’re Bonnie and Clyde when we sneak out for a short brisk walk along the shore.

Arrest those two brazen lawbreakers. How dare they walk on the beach when we’re at war! 

Mayor, you can keep the public beach closed where people just congregate and lay together on blankets and chairs, but why not open the private beach in front of our condos for exercise so we can stay healthy and alive. 

Maybe if we caught this coronavirus, we would be strong enough to fight it.  

Thank you, Mayor. Want to race?

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  1. What a self-righteous ignorant man. Hard to believe that you would even take pen to paper to write this dribble. So sad that although you are “confined” to you oceanfront condo and your pool and gym is closed. Many are sick and dying of this dreaded virus often times with family members saying their last “I love you” and goodbyes over Facebook if they get the opportunity at all. And poor you, in your oceanfront condo with the closed gym and poor. Wondering how that poor young girl Anne Frank managed those 761 days hiding in an attic, never leaving or opening a window or curtain. Shame on you sir. If you need to exercise so desperately, download an old Jack LaLane video and run in place.

    • Totally not the same thing…I mean other than you nazis who want everyone to be as miserable as you are

    • I would suggest you get some exercise by running north all the way up the country to Queens, NY. Jog by some of the hospitals and morgue trucks, converse with some nurses crying on their way out the door coming off shift, and then get back to us. Try reading the news. Try educating yourself. Try caring more about anyone else than yourself.

    • onlinet says:

      I humbly ask all of you attacking me saying I’m selfish, ignorant, pathetically heartless and uncaring about those suffering from the virus to please just think for a minute before sending me to the electric chair for daring to ask the mayor to open the private beach for walkers and runners. My defense is that walkers and runners on the beach will have plenty of room to maintain more than enough social distance unlike those relegated to the narrow, congested sidewalk along Ocean blvd. Also may I point out that there is evidence the virus dilutes in the open air as opposed to it staying concentrated and therefore more dangerous in our enclosed spaces indoors, like our elevators. Yesterday, my wife and I were riding on the elevator with our masks on to the lobby when it stopped and a woman without a mask got on. We held our breath for the few floors remaining. If I were running on he beach, I could have run not six or 10 feet from her but 10 yards or more from this careless woman, yet all I see on the private beach in front of our condos are police patrols who are moving everyone to walk on the narrow, congested sidewalk. The nearest public beach is closed and probably that’s a good thing as there people are used to congregating and lying on blankets and sun bathing. But walking is way to stay healthy and there is no safer place to walk or run but on the beach regardless of your age or net worth. Tom Madden (the picture that you see is not me, but my daughter).

  2. Will says:

    Hey, ok, boomer just use the side walk.
    your private beach? Is closed like rest of them. (1st world problem)
    Walk A1A, walk around your complex.
    Seem like more of a writer than runner. Include your business information what a caring addition. Your name or just Regards, Selfish would have been fine. I notice it’s just your private beach you want open.

    • Will's right says:

      Yep, “By onlinet” references transmediagroup and this crappy loveboat dating book in past articles as well. Probably Tom Madden’s wife. I say re-open the beach and let evolution take it’s course.

  3. Frank Jacobs says:

    Uhhhh…please tell me this is satire. If it is satire, well done! If not, then I am very afraid for my fellow Boca dwellers.

  4. Mivjael says:

    Poor guy. I really feel sorry for these poor people stuck in their million dollar oceanfront condos. If it was not for those, these poor people would be no less. Set up a zoom session with your personal trainer and they will show you how to exercise at home.

    • Design 71 says:

      Awww…poor baby can’t run on the beach? What about all the old folks who couldn’t get to the grocery store because of privileged Boca residents like you hoarding toilet paper! Run in place like in grade school numbscull!

  5. Give me break lady if you have the money to live on the beach you have the money to buy equipment or probably get a trainer to come to your house I don’t want to die because you are to selfish to exercise in your livingroom paleeese

  6. Vincent Nero says:

    I would suggest that instead complaining, you find altnerative solutions. Running around the condo parking lot might not have the beauty of the ocean but should still be an accessible space for exercise. At least you can look at the ocean, think of all the condo and apartment residents who are landlocked.

  7. Awww, these oceanfront condo dwellers can’t walk on the beach, whaaaa!!! Turn your pretentious ass around to the west and walk on the streets/ sidewalks like all us regular common folk.

  8. Rolling Eyes says:

    Use the sidewalk like the little people and let the police concentrate on more important things

    • When I look out the window, I see an empty beach. Why is it empty? Oh yeah, that pesky virus. Didn’t some people die or something?
      I want to exercise. The pool is closed. The gym is closed. I couldn’t possibly take a walk on the sidewalk with the plebians.
      But wait- I’m rich. I almost forgot that the rules don’t apply to me.
      So, why, when I go to the beach, do the police not recognize my privilege? They tell me to get off the beach as if I were some poor person breaking the law. I’m not. I’m a rich person breaking the law.
      I am so confused. Please open the beach so I can have what I want with zero regard for anyone else.

  9. Pooooooor baaaaaaaby. So let me get this straight. He’s essentially saying he can’t go outside? I think maybe he doesn’t understand what he’s allowed and not allowed to do. Sheesh!

  10. John says:

    Why are you guys so insensitive. You don’t need to attack.

  11. Imagine thinking that not being able to walk on your private beach is more important/worse than the people around you. Dying from this virus without being able to see their loved ones for the last time. Could NEVER be me. Imagine being this tone-deaf that you can’t see that your minor “inconvenience” is so not important at a time like this. Again, could NEVER be me. However if you are really serious about working out, you could search up some at home work out videos on YouTube. I recommend Chloe Ting, she has a lot of great videos that do not require the luxury of a tropical view. (if that was even the case of you wanting to have your precious beach back)

  12. Curious says:

    I was just wondering why all of the comments were taken down. Is it because they called out the author?

  13. I really like what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

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