Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2020

5 ways to distract yourself during quarantine

During this difficult time, it is important to recognize that we are all in the same boat. Sure, being stuck at home can seem like torture but it can also be therapeutic.

Simply changing the “stuck at home” viewpoint can significantly change your mood and allow you to embrace the current situation we are all in.

Here are 5 simple ways to distract yourself during this time at home.

  1. Get Active. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing this by now but taking some time out of your day to be active can improve your mood. Go for a walk or run outside and enjoy nature. Too hot for you? Try some simple legs workouts at home to get moving. My personal favorite workout app is Workout Women. It is free and provides a variety of amazing workouts, from abs and arms to legs and butt, this app will surely get you sweating.
  2. Embrace your creative side. Dabble in the arts during this time at home. You’d be surprised how relaxing it can truly be. Order an adult coloring book from Amazon and put on your favorite podcast. Or jam out to your favorite music while practicing watercolors. Creating art can be a great way to accomplish a small task through producing a masterpiece.
  3. Challenge your mind. Try to complete a challenging puzzle or finish that lengthy novel. Learn to play a new instrument or write a short story. This time at home gives us time to embrace new hobbies.
  4. Reach out to friends. As I previously mentioned, we are all on the same boat. So reach out to a friend you have not spoken to in a while. Connect with one another through entertaining games like, “Words with Friends.” Catch up with a friend through a dinner over FaceTime or Zoom and order the same takeout while enjoying a glass of wine and some kratom capsules. We are all lonely and checking in with friends is more important now than ever.
  5. Discover new shows. During this time of solitude, streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix have become our saving grace. There are so many new shows and movies added on the daily, you can easily get a good laugh or much needed cry. An important platform to note is “Netflix Party.” Netflix Party allows two different people in different locations to watch the same show or movie at the same time while streaming with one another. The platform syncs up with your Netflix account, allowing you and your friends to feel as if you are in the same room watching a show.

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No matter what you are doing during this time at home, make sure to tend to your mental health through activities and tasks that keep you distracted during these uncertain times.

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