Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd, 2020

Many Factors Influence Car Insurance Rates – What Are They?


Car insurance is a legal necessity nearly the world over, and it’s unavoidable. If you’re a car owner looking for a new insurance policy or a newly passed driver searching for your first time, then the dreaded minefield of companies out there and waiting for that all-important quote can be a nerve-wracking one. 

We are all too aware that our insurance policy rates are based on a variety of factors, all calculated through companies’ algorithms to weigh up the risk we pose as drivers and, therefore, to their business financially. Understanding how insurers calculate these factors by being aware of what they deem risky is a great way to start taking steps to reduce your premium. 

Some of the details they ask for are unchangeable, however, and will see you automatically falling into a price category. In contrast, some others you can easily address in order to reduce your monthly payments.

Below you’ll discover a better understanding of what car insurance companies look for when deciding your monthly rate and how certain aspects can be altered with some forward planning to lower your quotes.  

Personal Information

At the time you’re taking out your policy, your personal information will be unchangeable. This is the information that categorizes you from the very beginning. Some of this information may change throughout your life and is most likely the reason why you’re taking out a new policy or updating your renewal. 

Each of the factors below has a significant effect on your given rates. 


Young drivers are seen as high risk as it’s statistically proven that they have more accidents than older drivers. They have a history of reckless and distracted driving, causing major accidents. Evidence suggests that young drivers, in comparison to older drivers, also claim minor accidents more often due to driving faults because of a lack of experience.


Young men under the age of 25 receive increased rates because history indicates that they’re more prone to having accidents than young females. Whereas older women have worse rates because statistics have suggested they’re involved in minor accidents more often than older men. 


This factor has the most considerable influence on your rate after personal information. Where you live in accordance with high-density traffic, public areas, and crime will have a significant impact on your rate. 

The more densely populated the area, the higher the risk you’re at being involved in a collision. An area with a higher crime rate suggests your vehicle is at a higher risk of theft and damage. 

Marital Status 

Another statistic that works in men’s favors, especially, is getting married. Research dictates that married people have fewer accidents. 


Your profession is often overlooked as a significant factor, but updating this accordingly could lower your rates drastically. Your insurer will take into account the time spent on the road as part of your profession and the personal attributes you need for success in your career. 

For example, people that work in the public services sector are considered more responsible drivers. Delivery drivers rate are higher because of the time they need to spend driving increases their chance of a collision


The type of car you’re attempting to insure will have a significant impact on your insurance rate. This is something that you can take into consideration and change accordingly to your budget. You can sell your car if the insurance premiums are too high and buy something smaller and cheaper. 

Alternatively, if you haven’t bought a car yet, looking for insurance quotes on cars you’re interested in purchasing will give you a better understanding of what your budget can afford.


The age of your car is a tricky balance between covering the repairs of the damaged car versus its total worth. Old cars are more likely to be written off because the cost to repair them isn’t higher than the value of the vehicle itself. Whereas newer cars tend to have higher collision coverage rates because they’re more expensive to repair but not exceeding the value of the car.


The model of your car, alongside its age, can often make your vehicle a target for theft if it’s deemed new, attractive, or trendy. Your rates will reflect the likelihood that your car could be targeted by crime. Anti-theft features installed in your vehicle will help suppress rising rates. 


Every car model will come with a safety rating. Larger cars typically have a higher safety rating in comparison to smaller cars, because they can withstand a collision impact more, lowering premiums. However, large engine size, in comparison to body size, can see your rates skyrocket, due to the speed potential.

Final Thoughts 

Your smart choices can influence the majority of these factors. There’s no straight answer to how much car insurance you should pay as those at Brokerlink emphasize, ‘It depends!’. 

A professional broker will discuss with you how to lower your premiums depending on your personal situation, the desired car, and additionally your driving history if you want to learn more and be financially better off.

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