Published On: Mon, Mar 30th, 2020

Letter from the Publisher

Dear Boca Raton community,

These are unprecedented times we find ourselves in. With business being told to close down in order to flatten the curve, many are wondering when we will get back to normality. 

At the Boca Raton Tribune, your closest neighbor is more than just a tagline for us, it’s what we truly believe in.

In these times of uncertainty, we continue to publish news to keep the residents of Boca Raton informed on the latest happenings on the community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Because we truly believe we are your closest neighbors, starting today we are delighted to announce that any local small business owner who wants to communicate with our readership what their companies are up to during these difficult times will have the opportunity to do so for free.

Local business owners who want to share their business hours, specials to the community, or simply to communicate with the community will be able to do so for free.

Send us an email to with what your business is doing. We will publish everything for free on both our website and our e-paper. Reach the people who live in Palm Beach County with your business for free during these times.

This virus has placed much of our community under a great amount of stress, from mental, emotional, physical, and professional. Our newsroom staff is no different, however, they remain committed to our ethos of being your closest neighbor and thus continuing to provide readers with help, knowledge, and understanding through this difficult time.

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Douglas Heizer

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