Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

COVID-19 urge digital transformations

Like 9/11 2001, the world today will not be the same anymore. A virus showed us that it does not need to be extremely lethal or severe contagious to make the whole world panic and also make the stock market breakdown. A virus 3% lethal almost killed 97% of world’s economy.

It showed us that although we had entered to the digital world for almost 30 years, we insist to live the way we used to before digital age. Business owners who are planning to shift to digital solutions to make their businesses more competent may check this link right here now and learn about a network setup suitable to their needs.

Can you think about how much money is spent with security for the most powerful man on earth and with a simple handshaking to his ally everything can jeopardize the whole security program? That’s what happened when the president Donald Trump was side by side with Jair Messias Bolsonaro, brazil’s president on a dinner at Mar-a-Largo. One member of Bolsonaro’s group was tested positive. 

How many things can you point at that it is really necessary to be physically on site? If you really think about it there are a few things that we really need to be physically. I would say like 20% at top. The rest of it we can do digitally. Meetings, learning, teaching and almost everything. Yes, I know that most of the devices that we have right now are poor of quality compare face to face. But now we have to understand the world changed as our population gets bigger and bigger also the risks increase exponentially.

As much as we start to use technology not just to watch videos on social media but also to replace our daily routines like no more physically meetings ever nor for the company neither for friends at night. We will need to watch concerts or to go to night bars digitally. In Portugal started a festival called “I stay at home” which almost 80 artists are going to play on Instagram for whoever want to watch it. 

That’s will be our biggest change. We still go out too much and that must stop. Bill Gates talked about it in 2015 on TED that won’t be war that can kill us all instead an invisible enemy called virus. Scientists are warning us about this for many decades and we did not listen to them, so we had to suffer it to believe. 

Some people say that the virus was intentionally spread by China. It doesn’t really matter because the results are the same to us like you probably are reading this article at home right now but if you not it means that you are at risk and in the wrong place. This pandemic will show things you never saw or heard in your entire life. Good luck!

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