Published On: Thu, Mar 5th, 2020

Can Midwest Representatives Redefine The March Madness Story?

The 2020 March Madness season is getting closer, and college teams who will play in this upcoming tournament are doubling their efforts to give out excellent matches. The NCAA Tournament will commence on March 17, 2020, featuring around 68 college basketball teams vying for one NCAA championship title. 

With this, the seeding and bracketing process had successfully taken over last month, and the race for the top seeds is finally on. The bracketology will come from four regions, which are the South, Midwest, East, and West. Also, the NCAA selection committees are responsible for ranking the college teams according to the guidelines they set. 

In fact, sixteen teams topped the early NCAA ranking. Until today, some teams remained their solid standing, yet others are slowing falling apart. The competition for the bracketing is tight, and the guidelines for a team to be part of the top seeds are quite challenging. Each team needs to make sure that they tally an excellent match before the NCAA season kicks-in. 

That said, the teams coming from the Midwest regions might be a game-changer for the March Madness this year. The teams who got seeded for this region are all strong and can play as dark horses for all matches in the NCAA. They are also part of the 2020 NCAA tournament betting online, which you can wager without a hitch. Let’s meet the Midwest top-seeded teams who will give out a grand challenge play in the March Madness season. 

Kansas Jayhawks 

The Kansas Jayhawks have been part of the buzz since the start of March Madness fever this year. They were considered as one of the toughest teams to play in the upcoming NCAA; that’s why they stopped the overall seeding for the Midwest region. They will play for the University of Kansas who last appeared in the Final Four in 2018. 

This team also has one of the strongest line-ups of freshman players this year. For instance, Rio Adams portrays the guard position for the Jayhawks. He may not be as strong compared to the senior players of others, but he is precise with his moves and steals. He fully understands his role and has helped his team win many matches. 

Another player who can help Kansas Jayhawks rise on top is Andre White. He is one of the few players in the NCAA who has been accurate in perimeter shooting.  Aside from that, he throws three points without any hitch. Jamari Taylor and Perry Ellis are also excellent player additions to the Jayhawks. 

Dayton Flyers

The Dayton Flyers take the second spot for the top-seeded team in the Midwest region. They will play for the University of Dayton, who was seen in the NCAA Elite Eight in 2014. They experienced a 5-year drought in the NCAA Championship matches. This year, they started the season strong ang showcased excellent pre-season playoffs. 

One of the reasons why the Dayton Flyers are high risers this year’s March Madness seeding process is because of their top players. In the sea of experienced NCAA players, Obi Topin, together with Jalen Crutcher, has worked hard to make their team successful. Their efforts paid off as they are one of the strongest teams to play for the Midwest region. 

Florida State Seminoles 

The Florida State Seminoles are taking the third seed for the Midwest region in the upcoming NCAA season. They will represent the Florida State University in the March Madness. Unlike other playing teams, the Florida State Seminoles doesn’t have much experience in the NCAA, but their recent statistics allow them to get seeded on top. 

One of the things that make the Florida State Seminoles a strong contender this year is their ability to scratch big teams. In the current playoffs, they were able to outlast the Kansas Jayhawks. Their defensive style is much more versatile compared to the other teams. 

Michigan State Spartans 

The Michigan State Spartans complete the list of the top-seeded teams for the Midwest group. This team will play for Michigan State University which was part of the Final Four line-up last year. As they return this year in the NCAA, they’re hoping to break their achievement in 2019 and win the NCAA championship title. 

The success of the Michigan State Spartans might be brought by their coach Tom Izzo, one of the NCAA coaches that honed a lot of NBA talents today. Aside from that, this team has a lot of veteran players on the line, which earned a lot of experience in the NCAA that might help them win the big game. 


The teams that make up the NCAA Tournament are expected to be strong and tough. As we head on to the newest season of the March Madness event next week, can Midwest groups redefine the whole history of the NCAA matches? We’ll see.

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