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3 Netflix Shows to Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

We have recently fallen into very stressful times in regards to the recent pandemic and watching an interesting show can be enough to keep our minds occupied for a while.

Netflix has recently released a great deal of shows that were trending among viewers, the following are some interesting shows to check out during this time of solitude.

  1. Tiger King– I’m sure you have heard about this show by now as it is just about everywhere. There is a good reason why everyone is talking about it, it’s insane! This show is filmed documentary/reality style and outlines the lives of various exotic pet and zoo owners. Whether you’re interesting in watching a man stand around a cage full of 10 tigers or solving a murder mystery, this show is certainly binge-worthy.
  2. Love is Blind– If you have yet to check this show out, you’re missing out! This shows puts a twist on basic dating shows and that twist is…two people have to get engaged within a week purely based off of conversations with one another, not knowing what they look like. Two people converse through pods where they are required to make a love connection without knowing what the other looks like. This social experiment pushes the boundaries to figure out whether physical attraction is the main component in a relationship.
  3. Ozark– Season 3 of Ozark was recently released and instantly made it to the trending category. Ozark’s story line follows a family of four that is required to move to Missouri after their father owed a lot of money to a lot of dangerous people. He eventually falls back into his money-laundering old ways and gets involved with a bad crowd where he commits several crimes, all while trying to support his wife’s political campaign.

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