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Team Building Ideas: Fun Activities To Help Build Camaraderie Within The Group

There are a lot of reasons why camaraderie is important in the workplace. Having a sense of closeness among your colleagues at work will make it very easy for you to perform better, work with a team, and increase your job satisfaction. Camaraderie in the workplace also creates an open environment for all the employees, allowing them to adjust better for success.

Camaraderie is a vital ingredient to a business’s success, which is why entrepreneurs should invest in activities that can help employees enhance this skill. If you’re currently in this situation, here are some fun activities that can help build camaraderie within the group:

1.  Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the most classic team building activities – it’s too classic that you might have been playing this activity ever since you were little! The rules of this activity are quite simple: organizers will prepare a list of items, and the participants will look for the items in a specific area to win.

A scavenger hunt in Fort Lauderdale, if you’re in the area, and other locations can encourage communication and cooperation among the team. In order to win the game, the participants have to interact and communicate with each other to come up with strategies and define individual roles.

Moreover, a scavenger hunt can also help develop new skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership. All of these skills are essential for the employees and employers in the business setting.

2.  Game Of Possibilities

In this game, the participants will form one or multiple small groups to guess what one player is doing. Unlike charades, this game will require the use of random objects, and one player will demonstrate the possible use of that object. This player is not allowed to talk and is only expected to make gestures.

The game of possibilities is a fun way of inspiring the team’s creativity and individual innovation. These traits are essential, so the team knows how to think out of the box and eventually becomes a self-starter at work.

3.  The Egg Drop

For an easy and fun team building activity, add the egg drop game to your list. In this game, teams will be split into smaller groups in order to create a contraption that will keep the egg from breaking once it’s dropped. The groups will be provided with supplies such as tapes, rubber bands, pencils, and straws and will be given a time limit.

Although this activity can get really messy, this is actually a great way to encourage problem solving and teamwork within the participants. If possible, come up with groups that have members from different departments of the organization. Coming up with an effective and creative strategy to keep the egg safe is always a good ice breaker for the participants!

4.  The Minefield

Although easy and cheap, the minefield is a great team-building activity because it can enhance a lot of skills. For this game, all of the participants should be playing with a pair. One of them has to use a blindfold while the other one will provide instructions.

This game should be played in an open field where different handheld objects are placed sporadically. You can use cones, bottles, and even office supplies that will serve as “mines” in the field. The goal of the game is to have the blindfolded member reach the other side of the open field by only relying on the instructions provided by the other team member. The blindfolded member shouldn’t step on the mines, too.

This game allows the participant to focus on communication, trust, and effective listening. These are very important traits, especially for businesses that often give out large projects to large teams in the organization.

5.  Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower

As the name suggests, this game will require twenty sticks of uncooked spaghetti, one yard of string, one roll of masking tape, and one piece of marshmallow for each team. This game aims to create the tallest tower out from these materials with the marshmallow at the very top. The structure should stand on its own, which means that there should be no hands or any other objects supporting it once the time is up.

The marshmallow spaghetti tower is an excellent creative problem solving and collaboration exercise. The participants of the game have to work closely with each other to ensure that their team’s structure is strong enough to support the marshmallow.

Consider Other Tasks

Building camaraderie within a group will not only require you to think about the most appropriate activities for a team-building; for your efforts to be successful, you should also encourage collaboration among the team and not competition. Clear expectations should be set before the start of any activities, and feedback should be gathered afterward.

All of these tasks are necessary to ensure the success of your team building activities and determine how you can improve in your future activities, as well. 

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