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Celebrity Chef Opens a New Restaurant in Boynton Beach

Andrea Jourdan

Boca Raton, FL – In Canada, Andrea Jourdan is a household name. Locals try out her recipes, published weekly in the Journal de Montréal and its affiliate Journal de Québec. They own at least one of her 100+ cookbooks on their bookshelves. They have sampled her homemade preserves from her gourmet boutiques and exclusive hotel collections. When it comes to food, even news agencies look to Andrea for her expertise because she is well versed in every area of gastronomy.

As a chef, Andrea Jourdan is recognized by her peers for achieving extremely creative food products, for promoting and teaching the ‘greatness of cooking’, and for her never-ending concern for the quality of food and food production in the world. She learned her trade first in her father’s kitchen in Canada (himself a chef in restaurants and hotels), then she moved to Europe where she mastered the difficult techniques of French cuisine with some of the most awarded chefs in Europe, such as the Michelin-Star chefs Joël Robuchon and Bernard Loiseau. After moving to Italy, she expanded her repertoire with Michelin-Star Chefs such as Annie Féolde from Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence. Andrea was the Executive Chef for several restaurants in Los Angeles and in Montreal. During the last ten years, she managed important private restaurant facilities, became a famous ‘food designer’ and preserves producer in her own gourmet boutiques and developed exclusive collections for hotels.

So why a restaurant and why Palm Beach County? “When I first came here, I fell in love with the coast. Since my family has always been a part of my story,” says Chef Andrea, “we were ready for a new journey together. Everything we needed was right here in the Palm Beach area, including many of our friends. We found a beautiful opportunity in a perfect little house in Boynton Beach. This homey nest is a natural setting for the contemporary Provence cuisine we will present.”


Chef and author Andrea Jourdan has developed her culinary skills over the past twenty years in France, Italy, the U.S.A. and Canada. Her knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine is unsurpassed.

Andrea learned to become a chef in Paris, but it was in Los Angeles that she opened her first restaurant featuring authentic French country cooking that celebrated the seasonal table. “Los Angeles was the most fantastic place to open a restaurant. Not only is the clientele great and open-minded, but the support among the chefs was incredible; a great learning experience.”

In the late eighties, Andrea opened her second restaurant in Montreal, where she won accolades as best new chef.

Andrea Jourdan wants people to enjoy life; she believes in conviviality.

Her love of cooking and of food brought Andrea back to Europe where she expanded her repertoire with Italian cuisine, “the best thing that happened to the French… they keep improving on it, but the roots are Italian.”

It was during her extensive travels through Italy that she learned all she could from the Italians: sharing food, cooking and wine-making; and she found time to host a TV series, Mangia! Mangia! This show featured the best food producers, along with the most talented chefs of Italy in a casual and friendly format that brought viewers into the fields and vineyards, homes and kitchens of Italy. With the taping of Mangia! Mangia! Andrea used her skills as a chef, olive oil expert, writer, TV producer and restaurateur to bring her love of food and conviviality to American television.

For Andrea, “the kitchen has always been the real center of the home, and the dining table is where family and friends gather to share and enjoy one another’s company. I just want to help bring people back together in a warm and joyous spirit. And that begins with a beautiful and bountiful table and the leisure to enjoy it.”

Andrea was born to conviviality. Her father was a pastry chef. She spent many of her childhood hours in the warmth of his kitchen, where her parents worked side by side, the long hours which a restaurant demands. Her memories of yeasty loaves of bread baking in the oven, of steaming pots and the constantly changing aromas of the kitchen made their indelible impressions.

From her hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge evolved The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Lucca, a book of authentic recipes from one of the world’s greatest olive oil producing regions, Tuscany. Andrea participated in other books, such as “The Great Book” series (Desserts, Mediterranean Cuisine, Fish, and Pasta).

Since then, Andrea has written over 100 cookbooks on a variety of subjects and is a recipe collaborator for the Journal de Montréal, a major Canadian newspaper. She is always looking for new experiences to share her knowledge with the public.

Andrea is a chef, a food writer, a television personality and an innovator of web gastronomy. Her passion for good food is contagious.

Over 100 cookbooks; over 2,000 recipes / year for websites and other clients.



Chez Andrea Gourmet Provence provides a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere where customers will enjoy a year-long warm-weather paradise without making the experience pretentious. Time here passes unnoticed and the comforts of luxury remain unchanged.


Chez Andrea Gourmet Provence’s team serves customers with old time courtesy and appreciation while giving unprecedented attention to patrons, always eager to educate those who may be new to Provençal cuisine.


At Chez Andrea Gourmet Provence, customers can relax in a bistro-style restaurant with offerings of a contemporary approach to French Provençal fare, in a menu ideal for a true gourmet experience. They will be mesmerized by the dedication and love Andrea puts in each dish.


Customers can enjoy contemporary Provençal cuisine with locally sourced ingredients in the charming upscale location of Chez Andrea Gourmet Provence with its well-thought-out design and natural atmosphere including a pleasant chimney.


Chez Andrea Gourmet Provence is a European destination for the discerning patrons. For those familiar with Andrea’s culinary creativeness, her simple yet innovative and tasty recipes, it is a safe haven to enjoy high quality food. For everyone and particularly those in the neighborhood, from Jupiter to Boca Raton, from Lake Harbor to Fort Lauderdale, it is guaranteed to become a weekly favorite.


With the opening of Chez Andrea Gourmet Provence, Andrea Jourdan is executing an exquisite menu using the French culinary techniques she mastered over the years, simple ingredients and soulful passion that epitomize who she is. Andrea maintains a passion for using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, locally-sourced as much as possible. Seafood is fresh out of the water, and meats and produce come from local farms.

­Chez Andrea Gourmet Provence

480 E. Ocean Avenue

Boynton Beach, FL 33435

  1. 561.248.0612

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