Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2020

19th Century Circus Coming to Boca Raton

Paying homage to the old-fashioned circus is Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium, a P.T. Barnum inspired circus, produced by Allison Blei. 

This fun event will be held in Mizner Park Amphitheater from Thursday to Sunday. According to Boca Magazine, there will be a tent imported from Italy inside the amphitheater, creating an amazing energy for an amazing circus.The event will include trapeze artists, contortionists, and other typical circus characters. 

Not only is there entertainment, but there is also food! The first hour prior to the circus starting, there is a full bar and food. During that hour, circus performers actually go out – in full character – and interact with the audience. 

The whole event will be an experience to remember. 

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