Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2020

William Hill US Expansion Plans

William Hill are known as being one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, with a strong presence in many countries. They are a British company, with extensive high streets shops, and are a big name in online betting as well, offering players around the world the chance to bet with them. 

Of the bookmakers that have been making moves in the US, William Hill was one of the first to try their luck, and it is no surprise that they have continued to expand across the many different states that now offer legalised gambling. 

But what is next for this company, where do they plan to expand next, and what can we expect to see from them in 2020? 

William Hill Set to Continue Leading UK Bookmakers in the US


Those in charge of strategy and investment at William Hill deserve a huge amount of credit for a decision made back in 2012. They clearly saw legalised sports betting in the US on the horizon, and created an office in Nevada back in 2012, their first in the country. That allowed them to get the upper hand on their competition, while the likes of Ladbrokes Coral and Flutter Entertainment were waiting for licenses, William Hill were already operating their sportsbook. 

You can expect this trend to continue. When a new state legalises sports betting, William Hill has consistently been one of the first UK names to hold a license in that state. With more expected to legalise gambling in 2020, you can expect to hear plenty more from William Hill about their expansion, it would be no surprise to see them go into every state soon after they have become legal. 

Mobile Experience of UK Bookmakers Set to Shine


With the UK bookmakers having the advantage of being involved in the industry for a very long time, they have some advantages over their American counterparts. One of the biggest areas we are seeing develop in the US is mobile betting, and this is something that the UK bookmakers such as William Hill have vast experience of. 

This app review for William Hill in the UK shows just how impressive their service is around the world, and with this platform to build on, they are going to be able to offer an expert, tailor-made service to the US. This is something that big UK operators have behind them, and something they can offer their new customers. 

It is also a reason why expansion is so easy for William Hill, because they don’t need to spend hours and hours developing their products, they can just tweak the already very successful products they have for the UK market. 

With a strong foothold in the country already, a growing name and reputation and state-of-the-art gambling products such as their mobile app, expansion should be easy for William Hill to continue in 2020. Expect to see them at the forefront of things across many different states, especially shortly after they have announced that they are accepting legal sports bets. 

With all of this taking place, it promises to be another exciting year for the William Hill sportsbook in the US. Expect to see them continuing their upward trend, and their growth in the US looks sure to continue once again. 

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