Published On: Tue, Jan 21st, 2020

Top NBA Players in the 2019-20 Season – Complete Review 

It’s not a secret that every time you want to rank something, you are surely open to a lot of analysis. Despite any statistics line, or analytics, it all comes down to personal opinion. 

Therefore, we are not going to be giving you a heavy post, we are just going to embrace this way since there is no impartial way to rank NBA top players of the season. We are aware there are online casino games at US, UK or nz casinos, to be played; therefore, we are going chop-chop on this one. 

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers 

The NBA prolific player might be another year older, but that’s not a good reason enough to scratch him out of the top players in the NBA. 

James carries a very good sense of attack and he can also get some of his teammates involved in play whenever he is on and off the ball. Moreover, his seamless transition of play is remarkable. 

Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers 

There is no doubt why he has made it on this list. He is the league’s best perimeter defender. And the beauty part of it is that he just makes everything look easy. He displayed an eye-catching passing ability to start the season. And it made him more dangerous on-the-ball. 

James Harden, Houston Rockets 

If you want to talk about the toughest defenders in the NBA league, then there is no reason why you should leave out James Harden.

Unlike facing the wrath of James Harden, it is not hard to play games at online casinos for real money and win. Even though he is a very tough defender, Harden carries the ability of making forward passes. 

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors 

Talking of a goal machine, Curry is always clinical in front of goal. In terms of being offensive in attach Stephen Curry is “The Man”.

Even though he is out with an injury and having his hopes of becoming the season’s MVP, he still carries the ability to knock down three-pointers with limitless range and that makes him even more dangerous. 

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