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Forbes Recognizes Brightstar Corp. In Its Market Segment 


Forbes Media recognizes a south Florida company for their outstanding workplace. Brightstar Corp was named as one of the best midsize employers in America last year! Brightstar got a ranking of 146 out of the total 500 companies ranked, which makes Boca Raton proud to have such an award for a company so close to home in South Florida. Forbes arrived at the decision in conjunction with the market research company, Statista. The latter surveyed employees of more than 50,000 America-based companies that have a minimum of 1,000 people on roll. 


To ascertain Brightstar’s position, survey respondents took a questionnaire on different aspects, which included working conditions, remuneration, career growth, the general company image, and whether the current employees were willing to recommend the company to other people as a potential workplace. 


This announcement came after several years of struggle and commitment of the management and its employees to place the company on a pedestal where the staff could take pride in their work. However, to Brightstar’s CEO Rod Millar, this recognition has come as a pleasant surprise. According to Mr. Miller, the American labor market is tilted toward the working class, which is the reason why Brightstar is determined to engage and retain only the most skilled employees. 


The wireless technology and mobile industry is possibly the most dynamic, robust and fast-growing. With mobile technology proliferation and the increasing demand for smartphones and other mobile devices, businesses dealing in mobile products are now gaining a lot more traction. Brightstar Corp. is one of the various firms striving to win a share of this market. It has implemented strategies to stay relevant in the market for long. Brightstar Corp. joining the elite list of best midsize employers in America is a reward for the company’s several years of dedication and commitment. 


Brightstar was founded in 1997. It began its journey as a regional mobile technologies distributor. More than two decades later, the company now has presence in over 50 countries in different continents. SoftBank Group acquired Brightstar Corp. in 2014, making it the former’s biggest subsidiary company. Since its SoftBank acquisition, Brightstar continues to push the envelope by challenging industry norms. Its vision is to become a world leader in the service of end-to-end product lifecycle management solutions, logistics, and mobility services. 


There is no denying the fact that mobile devices are slowly becoming an integral part of people’s everyday life. Brightstar is, therefore, leaving no stone unturned to make sure it makes life more relevant and meaningful to the millions of people across the globe. According to Mr. Miller, Brightstar’s good fortunes have a lot to do with the company’s management and staff. 


Brightstar Corp. is certainly making its mark as one of the fastest-growing American mid-sized firms within the wireless technologies industry. With customer safety and privacy at the core of its business, the company continues to win many people’s confidence the world over. By blending experience, ingenuity, customer service and expertise, Brightstar has managed to make a name for itself in the mobile and wireless technology industry and the sector’s growth. 


Brightstar featuring in the best-midsized businesses of America list in the wireless technology sector confirms a lot of the great things about the company. Brightstar’s resilience and versatility and its offerings to carriers and mobile users have helped it gain and dominate a substantial market. 


As a company that focuses on the used service industry, Brightstar’s path to glory hasn’t been devoid of obstacles and hurdles. However, despite all the challenges thrown at it, the company has managed to overcome them all, outshine its peers, and emerge as a trusted company. Besides Brightstar winning several other awards and recognitions in its respective industry, Forbes has also pronounced it as one of the best employers in America. Needless to say, Brightstar’s management and board is extremely happy and proud of having been associated with the aforementioned survey and the award and recognition it has been bestowed with.

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