Published On: Mon, Dec 30th, 2019

Photographer Le Paulmier Sizzles with Colorful Style

Inspiration makes art photography sizzle. His passion for photography is anything but usual. 

But to really understand Le Paulmier’s photography, one must dive into the upbringing of the man. Artistic passion is often derived from personal experience, and his photographs focus on international travel in a way that is different from National Geographic.

He lived in South Florida for over a decade, calling Miami-Dade his home. The area is filled with eclectic personalities and is home to Art Basel and Miami Art Week. The location’s focus on art, beautiful landscapes and weather make idyllic the location perfect for Le Paulmier to find inspiration. But South Florida is just part of his journey as a photographer.

Living and traveling between continents, he spent time Down Under taking in beautiful sunsets and admiring the wildlife. At the age of 18, he was living or traveling to Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Unique experiences provided Le Paulmier with a unique perspective on life.

Political hardships thrust him into a complicated world, living in the 90s in the Middle East where he experienced first-hand the instability of the region due to the Gulf War. He also lived through the political changes of the Philippines, which eventually lead to the end of the Marcos regime in the 80s.

But he still has the ability to capture natural beauty in a way many other photographers cannot replicate.

Le Paulmier’s fine art photography prints breathe life into still photography. He travels off the beaten path away from the tourist locations to capture the true essence of each location. The Mont Saint Michel off the coast of Normandy, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites he loves to shoot, allowing him to wander around the bay and explore the mesmerizing surroundings of this timeless destination.

Dazzling locations and a focus on historical sites have allowed Le Paulmier to be published across the world. He has brought a new perspective to landscape travel shots, with a visit to Europe here he shows modern-day towns that still maintain their medieval appeal.

The sites that are desolate, often void of the everyday tourist, make for the perfect photograph that encapsulates the history and culture of the location. Even with the resurgence of certain ancient cities, such as Matera or Ortygia in Sicily, you can always find moments of bliss.

Inspiration is all around us, but when was the last time you stopped to look at your city from a new angle? When were you last kneeling down trying to capture your city and surroundings in a new and exciting way?

Le Paulmier lives in the moment – he has seen the struggles of the less fortunate and the consequences of conflict – to appreciate each moment. Every day, we’re exposed to once-in-a-lifetime events that are lost to history because we’re moving too fast to appreciate them.

Through his photography, Le Paulmier captures moments that other travel photographers might miss. He embodies the unique traits of his favorite artist: Salvador Dali. His works attempt to go beyond the conventional boundaries. He believes photos should look and feel great without too much editing – nature is filled with magic every day if you’re willing to take in the moment.

Sometimes, all you have to do is open your mind and eyes to the beauty around you.

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