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Pumpkin Patch Festival Will Bring Fall Atmosphere to Boca Raton

This year, Boca Raton will also be organizing the Pumpkin Patch Festival to celebrate the start of the fall season. The festival will be held at the same place as last year, which is Mizner Park Amphitheater at Plaza Real. The event will be taking over the grass lot in the adjacent. It is the third time that the event has been held at the same place. Though, not just these festivals but online casinos in NJ is also gaining high popularity as the inclination has increased drastically. The pumpkin patch festival will be held for 2 days from 10 am – 6 pm on Oct. 19 and Oct. 20.

History of Boca Raton Pumpkin Patch Festival 

The design of the Boca Raton Pumpkin Patch Festival event is based on the Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival. Vanessa Goodis is the founder of both events. Goodis founded the two events to revive the special atmosphere of the fall season celebration she used to enjoy with her families in South Florida.

 The first event, Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival, gets thousands of visitors in the first year. It was more successful than she had hoped for and was later being listed as the top fall festival in the country. Goodis decided to introduce the pumpkin patch festival to Boca Raton after having a lot of success with Coconut Grove festival for many years.

 The organizers are making sure that everyone gets the most value from their money by preparing as many activities as possible. Goodis realizes that certain features of the seasons just can’t be altered even with the celebration. She said that everyone will still need to drink water and wear sunscreen regardless of how much effort they put in to make it look like it is fall. This is because South Florida, where Boca Raton is located, experiences a delay in the fall season. The best fall season is in the north of Florida from late October to mid-November.

 What Types of Activities Will Be at the Festival

Pumpkin Patch

The center of attraction is the 2,500 pumpkins that will be on display in the field. If you pay an additional fee, you can pick a pumpkin from the patch to take back home. There are orange and white pumpkins available for you to pick. The prices vary depending on the size of the pumpkin you choose.

 Carnival Rides 

If you buy the admission ticket, you can access unlimited carnival rides. There are many varieties of carnival rides including flying elephant ride, swing, triple lane slide, amusement park swing ride, kid roller coasters, and bumper cars. These carnival rides are suitable for kids of all ages.

 Fall Photo Vignettes

They have a place where you can take a family photo with a fall background. You and your family have the option to sit on the hay couch or giant chair. The first background has bundles of hays with large yellow sunflower. The second background also has hay bundles with dried up corn maze and yellow/white flowers.

 Scarecrow Village

In scarecrow village, you will see all kinds of scarecrows made with a pumpkin head. The scarecrows are dressed in different costumes like princess and ninja. You also have the option to dress up the scarecrow in any way you want and snap a photo.

 Pumpkin Decorating Tent

The Pumpkin Decorating Tent provides crafts supplies for your children to decorate a pumpkin. The fee ranges from $3 – $5. They will clean up the mess after your kids have finished decorating the pumpkins.

Kiddie Maze

Kiddie Maze is an inflatable corn maze where your kids get to navigate through mazes with 10′ tall corn maze. The inflatable corn maze is bigger than the one last year. The whole family can join in running through the maze.

Pumpkin Food Court

There is a pumpkin food court where you can go and eat pumpkin-themed food. Various types of pumpkin food are served including pumpkin pies and pumpkin funnel cake.

 Admission Ticket to Boca Raton Pumpkin Festival

Visitors that are aged 2 years old and above must pay for an admission fee of $20. The cost includes decorating your pumpkin in the pumpkin decorating tent. Besides, you also get to enjoy pumpkin food and other fair food in the Pumpkin Food Court.

There is a discount of 30% when you purchase pre-sale tickets for the Boca Raton Pumpkin Festival on Monday, the 14th of October. You must use the coupon code FALL30 to enjoy the discount. Children that are aged below 24 months can enter into the festival for free. However, free admission does not provide access to carnival rides.


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