Published On: Thu, Sep 26th, 2019

Parents Upset Over Controversial Palm Beach County School Quiz Question Regarding Trump

Watson B. Duncan Middle School in Palm Beach County recently faced heat over one teachers controversial quiz question involving President Trump.

An anonymous parent demonstrated extreme discontent over the quiz question presented to their child.

The quiz question was, “45th Pres; 2017; Republican; Real Estate businessman; Idiot”. The answer choices consisted of; Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter.

The question is clearly leaning towards “Donald Trump” as the correct answer.

After taking the quiz, one of the students went straight to his parent about it, who then went to school administrators.

Principal Philip D’Amico of Duncan Middle School, came out with a letter to the parents stating, “The question was inappropriate and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgement on the part of the teacher”.

The principal ensures the parents that the teacher is under investigation but has been reassigned during said investigation.

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